Sunday, May 27, 2007

thoughts about weddings

On Saturday, Dan's sister Leslie and her new husband Jeremiah got married- it was beautiful! the ceremony was very nice in the church, the music was very pretty, and the reception was held at the New Lafayette Club- it was so pretty inside. Dim lighting with lots of white christmas lights and candles. Congratulations to them =)

Here are some thoughts that I've accumulated about weddings...

Engagement ring: I like them big and sparkly =) The man should be able to afford a nice one on his own..if he can't, then what does that say about the life you are going to start together? Saving up for the ring, choosing one that she will like, any customization to it, and of course the actual proposal, takes planning, thought, effort, and patience...just like the marriage.

Engagement: Personally, I wouldn't want to get engaged if I couldn't start planning the wedding immediately. As a typical female, I look forward to planning a big, beautiful wedding ... but also want to be prepared for life afterward. No more dependence on parents- at ALL. Rent, food, cell phone bills, health/car/life insurance...after they pay for (hopefully) a huge chunk of the wedding, that should be IT for them. If the couple isn't ready to be solely dependent on each other, it's not the right time.

Time of year: It would be a dream to have a spring/summertime outdoor wedding and reception... but it was be such a bummer to build up all that anticipation and put so much into planning...and then have it be too hot/cold/windy/RAINING. So, I just say, plan a winter wedding so it will be inside NO MATTER what. Also, a tropical honeymoon would be that much more fantastic!
...a personal preference as well would be have the wedding the week after a huge event like an Ironman...the bachelorette party would take place the weekend before (no super hard training required during a taper, so staying out late/drinkin too much won't be bad lol) then during the honeymoon, there's only one workout where F.I.T.T. matters =)

Ceremony and Reception: I HATE cheesy/traditional wedding music. No here comes the bride, canon in d, electric slide, twist, ymca, macarena, dancing queen, brick house, etc. "sweet caroline" will be required however, I think Vince Vaughn every time I hear that song lol. I'm not really too concerned with the ceremony. Except that it should be short, and the flower girl and ring bearer have to be cute. And guests should be ordered to take screaming children outside immediately. the reception should take place at a hotel with cheap rates for wedding guests- they'll need to book a room so they can take full advantage of the *required* open bar! Also, so all guests can in fact take advantage of this, there ideally wouldn't be any children allowed at the reception...Maybe pay some responsible teenagers for a baby-sitting service.
... I am going to want all my guests and bridal party to celebrate and having an amazing time in honor of a marriage...not get FAT because of it =) You better believe that the food will be amazingly delicious and gourmet and healthy!! and a cake...haha. that's $400 i'd be pissed if someone paid for that !! now, gourmet coffee/tea on the other hand is worth the investment =) angel food cake with fresh fruit wouldn't be so bad though

I also like the idea of the bride and groom spending the night in the nicest suite of the hotel that night, then leaving for the honeymoon the next morning after a send-off brunch...that would be awesome with a bunch of hungover wedding guests =)

Yeah I don't know anything, these are just some opinions I've formed after the first few rounds of friends/family my age getting hitched! But everyone's wedding is unique and most importantly, suits THEM =)

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