Friday, April 30, 2010

don't miss out!

What a fitting end to the week!
  1. It's Friday, and I have NOTHING scheduled for this weekend (except sitting on my bike)
  2. Last day of the month - payday!
  3. Last day of classes for the school semester!
I have so many things to look forward to, like spending more time with my hubby, de-stressing after a crazy-awesome first year of teaching, and TRAINING!! :)

Next WEEK is REV3KNOXVILLE! I can't believe it's already here! I hate to say it, but I'm definitely going to be in "survival" mode vs. "competitive" mode May 9th for the 1/2 Iron...but getting my butt kicked will be GREAT motivation for REV3 Quassy and REV3 Cedar Point! And I get to meet a bunch of NEW Trakkers teammates :)

For my riding this weekend, I'm definitely going to download the REV3 webcasts that have been occurring every Wednesday night talking to pro's and the race directors about the course and how to prepare for it (just click on the logo on my blog - you can listen to it directly or click the itunes logo to download it for free).

Dan is doing the Olympic distance, I'm doing the half...join us! There a a few others doing the race from the B-Town area, you should is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER!! Don't miss out on this inaugural race and the kick-start to the season! They are offering:
  • Olympic Distance or Half-Iron distance
  • Olympic or Half-Iron RELAY
  • Olympic or Half-Iron AQUABIKE!
Click HERE to register - remember it's the last day TODAY! AND, you can save $10 when you use the code Trakkers117 !

On the wednesday webcast, I found out that REV3 is also going to announce at Knoxville a NEW race they are adding to the series during 2011...February 19-20th...Half, Oly, Relay, Kid's races...somewhere WARM! Exciting!

Why should you sign up today to race Knoxville? Here are some questions I would ask (answers found on website!)

What kind of schwag do I get? (duh, most important)
hat Does The Race Fee Include?

In addition to being able to compete in one of the most dynamic races in the world, your entry fee also includes the following:

Race Shirt $10.00 to our race charity Race visor/hat Long sleeve finisher shirt Official REV3 sling bag Finisher Medal REV3 water bottle Finisher towel


What's the course like?

You can find the description HERE:

Bike: a dynamic bike ride which begins adjacent to Neyland Stadium. Athletes will make their way through downtown Knoxville, over the Gay Street Bridge and out onto the rural country roads of South Knoxville. Enjoy challenging ascents, rapid descents and picturesque scenery before making your way back in to town...(sweet! I love scenery! I'll be enjoying LOTS of it considering how slow I'll be going haha!)

What am I going to do with my family who I drag to all my races?

There are lots of activities planned, besides just being in the cool World's Fair Park! Here is a link to the itinerary, but I'll highlight some of the events:

  • Meet Tara Costa (Biggest Loser star who is doing the REV3 series)
  • Athlete Seminars - medical issues, bike fittings, bike clinics, course talks, swim clinic, etc.
  • Race Expo
  • Broadway Academy for Performing Arts (on REV3 stage) and a Worship Concert
  • ART, massage
  • LITTLE REV!!! An adventure race/scavenger hunt for the parents and kids!! And the little ones get a t-shirt, medal, and prizes!

What if I'm FAST...? (definitely NOT a question I would ask haha!)
There is a cash prize purse not only for the Pro's, but the elite amateurs as well! Check out the breakdown HERE

The team competitions are going to rock too! Trakkers vs. KSwiss/Trek is going to be intense, now Trakkers AG vs. Terrier Tri vs. Team Dynamo is going to be interesting as well! The Pro Team Prize is $5000, while the AG prize is $500 from Saucony! Be sure to tune during the race if you can't be there!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

review of services at my lab!

Well it's definitely not MY lab, but I'm lucky to work in the Exercise Physiology Lab at Illinois State University's School of Kinesiology and Recreation

My job is so cool - I get to do all sorts of fun laboratory fitness testing on a variety of people. Some of the services we provide:
Body Composition: This is where we measure the ratio of lean to fat mass that a client has. It is a good baseline for determining disease risk (for the general population) and helping athletes determine what their optimal body composition for competition would be. We typically use the “BodPod”, which is an advanced method. The client sits in a “pod” and the machine measures air displacement. It only takes about 3 minutes!

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Through a breathing device, we measure how many calories you burns per day at rest. For the general pop., this is a great weight management tool. For an athlete, this is a great way to help determine a nutrition plan, to be sure they are getting enough fuel during the day.

VO2max test: We have our clients run or cycle with a constant increasing workload until they can’t continue the exercise. We determine their maximal aerobic capacity, along with their aerobic threshold (where their body switches from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism)

FUEL test (or exercise metabolic rate). We have clients exercise at several training and racing intensities, and for each stage determine how many calories they burn, and whether or not the calories are coming from carbohydrate or fat. This helps determine appropriate training/racing intensities, along with refueling strategies during and after exercise! It's also very useful for weight management - we find the best intensity level for weight loss - i.e. where you burn the most fat. My FAVORITE test!

Body AGE: through a short series of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility exercises, along with body composition and cardio testing, we can determine a person’s body age and compare it to their chronological age!

I forsee lots of future blogposts on these topics...ask me questions, send requests!!
I was fortunate enough to work with a fellow Tri-Shark Mike Bernico this past January - he underwent a battery of these tests, and it's really cool to see how he has applied his results to his training and nutrition! He has an amazing personal story to tell as well -check his "About me" on his blog-

"Hi, I'm Mike. In 2007 I was a 380 pound couch potato. Now I'm a fit, healthy triathlete working slowly towards a full Ironman triathlon. This site tells my story. People have called it inspirational, but I don't know about that. It's not pretty, in fact it's just as full of disappointment and heart break as it is glory and success. I might not finish, but I will tri, and I'll learn who I am along the way..."
How cool!! Definitely check out his blog and his story (and of course, his review on his testing at the ISU Ex PHYS LAB!)
Can YOU get laboratory tests done? Absolutely! Email me and I can get you more info :) Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HOT playlist

I wanted to post another playlist that I've been listening to for faster/harder workouts... let me know what you think!
  • My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
  • Beep - Pussycat Dolls
  • In the Ayer - Flo Rida
  • Krazy - Pit Bull ft. Lil Jon
  • Rude Boy - Rihanna
  • Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas
  • 4 My People - Missy Elliott
  • Low - Flo Rida ft. AKon
  • Disturbia - Rihanna
  • Tik Tok - Ke$ha
  • Sexy Bitch - David Guetta ft. Akon
  • Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas
  • Hard - Rihanna ft. Young Jeexy
  • Carry Out - Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake
  • Forever - Drake ft. everyone...
  • Let me See your Hips Swing - Savage ft. Akon
  • Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha
  • According to You - Orianthi
  • Headsprung - LL Cool J ft. Timbaland

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jumping Bean!

So my fave training buddy Winston was very MAD at his momma and daddy today...they went biking without him today and he couldn't go! Why can't they just RUN all the time?? :)

Needless to say he was SUPER hyper when we got home, so we got out the hurdle...

Isn't my new Trakkers Cycling kit SWEET??

Now check out this other one... phantom??

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vamonos Rapido!

I did it again - River to River Relay! This time I was on a team with my hub, Aimee, Margaret,Mark, Mark, Gary, and Ryan :) Vamonos Rapido! (Doesn't Dan look HOT in that Trakkers visor??)

This race is TOUGH! Check it out! 80 miles, 8 runners, 3 legs each. I was runner #8 - here's the breakdown:

Runner 13.60 (Downhill)3.30 (Hard)3.30 (Moderate)10.20 miles
Runner 23.60 (Easy)2.85 (Moderate)3.75 (Mod-Hard)10.20 miles
Runner 32.95 (Mod-Easy)3.25 (Moderate)2.60 (Moderate)8.80 miles
Runner 43.65 (Moderate)3.80 (Mod-Hard)3.25 (Moderate)10.70 miles
Runner 53.35 (Hard)3.40 (Moderate)3.45 (Moderate)10.20 miles
Runner 63.30 (V. Hard)2.50 (Easy)3.80 (Hardest)9.60 miles
Runner 73.00 (Hard)2.95 (Mod-Easy)3.35 (Downhill)9.30 miles
Runner 83.65 (Hard)4.05 (Mod-Downhill)3.30 (Hard)11.00 miles

My 1st leg: I averaged 8:20 min/mi (uuugh)

I was SO NERVOUS starting off - I didn't have a HRM since I couldn't find my garmin charger (if anyone has an extra garmin305 charger laying around PLEASE let me know!) but I know it was POUNDING!!! Once I finally settled down, the HILLS acted up... ooooh they HURT!! My quads were quite jello-y when I finished- with 2 more legs to go, NOT the best feeling!! However, I had a secret weapon: First Endurance Cappuccino Ultragen!
Seriously this stuff is incredible! For a coffee/cappuccino lover like myself, this is the BEST tasting nutrition drink EVER - I could seriously drink it for a dessert! It is primarily for recovery - Check out their website for details, but by my calculations, I burned about 350-400 calories each leg, 90-99% from carbohydrates since I was at such a high intensity. One serving of ultragen replenished 240 of those carbohydrate calories (I also had a couple solid snacks like bananas and granola bars in between legs to make up the difference) as well as 80 calories of protein - REALLY important for rebuilding the muscle I was surely breaking down on the hills!! I filled up my water bottle as soon as I was done with each of my legs with water and ultragen, CHUGGED it (I was sad when it was all gone), then waited 2-3 hours until my next leg. Protein doesn't digest very quickly (high GI carbs start digesting IN YOUR MOUTH, whereas protein doesn't start until it reaches your stomach) so the waiting period was perfect for digestion and absorption! FINALLY, keep in mind that for recovery, a 3:1 Carb:Protein calorie ratio is ideal, and that is exactly was First Endurance Ultragen has!!

My 2nd leg: Averaged 7:45 min/mi

FIRST ENDURANCE!!! I was a little more relaxed going into this leg, and took it stead up the first 1-mile hill, then let it rip on the downhill. It was so steep it was hard to keep my legs under me! When I got to the bottom of the hill, I realized just HOW much I was working my quads on the downhill...yikes. And the last half-mile climb was of course, quite pleasant haha! Here's a video of me finishing:

Now my team was FAST (I was the slowest one!), but they were also FUN!! When they weren't mooching off my Ultragen, They had their "true" recovery drink in mind:

I love my hubby!! They had to get it before the "3rd round" of running those who finish can start DRINKING sooner! :)

FINAL LEG: Averaged 7:48 min/mi

YEEEAH!! For me this was SMOKIN on the hills! :) I finished feeling REALLY strong! What a great race! (I understand that you crazy Colorado peeps are laughing at these elevation charts, but around my parts it's only flat cornfields)

One unique experience that we witnessed at this race was a marriage proposal! The guy had it all set up - tuxedo shirts, "Bridesmaids", signs, on one knee with a ring...and the fiancee-to-be blew right by him and didn't notice anything - she was in a sprint-off!! Haha!! She even swatted his hand (with the ring) to hand off the baton! Check out the video we captured-

Final notes:
  1. I definitely couldn't have done this race, INJURY FREE, without my Saucony Hurricane's. They work behind-the-scenes to get the job done - I am able to focus on the WORK I have to do, not the painful joints, feet, or blisters! I'm hooked! They also have some GREAT apparel - I've been receiving boxloads of their stuff (decked out TRAKKERS style) and I can't wait to show you pics! So comfy and bad-ass looking! :)
  2. After that race you think I would be toast, right? WRONG. The next day, I did a 2-hr bike ride with Margaret, no problem. Thank you First Endurance.
  3. Oh yeah, and on Tuesday, I did my 3rd time trial this year. Figured it would be hilarious to see how BAD I would do. I PR'ed on the course. Thank you First Endurance.
  4. River to River was great HILL training for a few of my upcoming races, REV3 Knoxville and REV3 Quassy!! On the REV3 wednesday webcast last night, it was confirmed that these courses were going to be KILLER, so I'm definitely on my way to being prepared and ready to kick some booty!
REV3 Knoxville is right around the corner!! In addition to the Pro Challenge between Team TRAKKERS ELITE and Team KSWISS/TREK, there is also an AGE GROUP challenge for a $500 Saucony gift certificate between TEAM TRAKKERS, TERRIER TRI, and TEAM DYNAMO.

This race season is heating up! Getting excited! If you know athletes from Team Trakkers, Terrier Tri, or Dynamo that are competing in the Olympic race @ Knoxville, please post here so I can look up their stats! I know for SURE Team Trakkers has Kona Age-Group Champ Kathleen Calkins ready to kick some but, Megan Killian, and ???..... who else??

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the green machine!

Soooo tired from a long day at work and an AWESOME 20K time trial this evening! I have SO much exciting stuff to update you on, including my race schedule, some GREAT products I'm using, some REALLY exciting stuff about team TRAKKERS, and more!

I have been involved with Trakkers for the last 2 years- it started out as random email from someone I didn't know with a subject line along the lines of "Share the Glory"...I probably should have deleted it, but I was drawn to it.

It was a short email describing an ongoing project to create a device that will track athletes real-time (their speed, location, heart rate, elevation, etc.) and allow friends/family/spectators to follow you along your training route or your race!

This product spoke to me, especially being an endurance athlete. I have gone on 3hr 30 min solo runs, some 7-hr bike rides, and had disastrous races that had my family and friends thinking "Where the HECK is she?? Did something happen??"

Well Trakkers is going to change that. They have been customizing and tailoring their product to the finest detail, and I am 100% behind this product, as are my biggest supporters- my family and friends!

You REALLY need to check out this product !!

I am not the only fan of Trakkers - there are 30 or so age-group athletes (teammates) from around the country, as well as 8 PROs that are behind this product as well!

This past weekend was the official LAUNCH of the elite TRAKKERS team in Austin TX - there was some great media coverage from and twitter! Check out these links:

day 1
awesome pics
camp closes

Did you READ them?? Check out the "awesome pics" one... it mentions something UNHEARD of in triathlon... a TEAM challenge!!

Yes, the elite Team Trakkers is throwing down a $5000 challenge against the KSWISS/TREK elite athletes, cross-country style scoring, at REV3 KNOXVILLE.... who said triathlon isn't a spectator sport?? this should be interesting!!

Not only is there $5000 on line thanks to Trakkers, but REV3 agreed to MATCH their $5000, in addition to the $5000 already in place for the top athletes...that brings the grand total to $15,000....dang!

Even better, you can get $10 off your registration when sign up for the Olympic or 1/2 Iron Distance in Knoxville by using this code: Trakkers117. This works for the Quassy and Cedar Point REV3 races as well!

VERY SOON, i.e. at QUASSY, You ALSO can use the Trakkers device for FREE when you compete in these races!!

Listen in to the REV3 live webcast/chat tomorrow at 7PM central time (click on link on my blog) to see what TEAM TRAKKERS has to say about this challenge and the REV3 race series!
Michael Lovato, Amanda Lovato, Dede Griesbauer, and Mary Beth Ellis will be tuning in!

Hope to see you tomorrow night!! :)

comments at the top por favor!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ROCK you like a HURRICANE!

I'm feeling soooo much better these days!

My NEW Saucony Hurricane shoes arrived several weeks ago...and "coincidentally" my mileage went up bigtime!!
  • I was looking for a cushiony shoe- I had surgery to remove a neuroma a couple years ago- balls of my feet can't take a stiff sole.
  • I was looking for stability - My muscles are not conditioned yet, so while a PRIORITY is to strengthen my "stabilizer" muscles, I need some "help" in the meanwhile! These shoes give me GREAT arch support - they support in the RIGHT place, instead of digging into parts of my feet like other shoes do!
  • I need something durable to last me awhile and to log some serious miles- and it's doing an awesome job!! They feel new every time I put them on!
So I am 95% sure I will be signing up for my 1st ultramarathon this year - the Kennekuk Runners are putting on their annual Howl at the Moon 8-hr ultra on August 14th. The description is as follows:

"The largest timed ultra in the United States, The Howl at the Moon is held at Kennekuk Cove County Park on a 3.29 mile loop with excellent support from Kennekuk's outstanding volunteers. Do as little or as much as you can. A perfect event for your first Ultra. Post-race party with food, drink, prizes & music!"

This race came highly recommended from a few veterans, so I'm in! :) Also looking for a LATE fall marathon...preferably in a state I haven't run one in yet! Any suggestions?? SO FAR I have:
  • Illinois (Chicago x2)
  • Florida (Disney, IM Florida)
  • Wisconsin (IMOO)
  • Massachusetts (Boston x2)
  • New York (IM USA)
  • Kentucky (IM Louisville)
  • Idaho (IM CDA)
  • Arizona (IM AZ)
  • Ohio (Flying Pig)
  • CANADA (haha jk - IM CAN)
In case you are curious- I have posted my race schedule on here- check out the side bar!! I cannot WAIT for River 2 River Relay next weekend, it is going to be a BLAST, because my team is SO fun!! :)

and the MAJOR events on my schedule -REV3 x 3 !!! I am PSYCHED! These races are CHANGING the tri experience - I will talk more about these soon, but here's a reason to check this new series out-
  1. The venues are AWESOME - in conjunction with amusement/fun parks - i.e. World's Fair Park (downtown Knoxville TN), Quassy Amusement Park (Middlebury CT), and CEDAR POINT (OH)
  2. FAMILY FUN - one of the problems with tri is the travel, and nothing for your fam to do right? WRONG! At REV3 KNOXVILLE the race weekend itinerary includes (besides JUST the awesome family venue) free venue tickets for you and the fam, "Little Rev" Adventure Races, Concerts, Movie Nights, etc...
  3. Rockstar Athlete Treatment - SCHWAG galore - short&long sleeve tshirts tshirts, visors/hats, sling bags, goodie samples, ETC... as well as ART treatment before/after the race, practice swims, course briefings, training talks, etc...
  4. EASY&FUN viewing for family and friends - a JUMBOTRON is provided for viewing during the race, and the athletes can use a TRAKKERS device for free...meaning spectators can watch you RACE REAL TIME from their computers/smart they know WHERE you are on the COURSE, how FAST you are going, and SO much more...
  5. Cash for age groupers???!!!
  6. Oh yeah, and a $10 discount off of your entry fee for any race...use code Trakkers117
LAST BUT NOT LEAST... you should DEFINITELY be checking out the live webcasts that REV3 hosts every Wednesday at 7PM CST....Simply Stu and pro triathlete Heather Gollnick interview pro triathletes each week who are participating in the REV3 triathlons! Topics range from nutrition to gear to race tactics to bra!! It's a GREAT opportunity to not only listen in, but CALL IN and ask questions, and participate in the chat room with other triathletes as well- it's a lot of fun!

Previous Guest Hosts include: Julie Dibens (only female to beat Chrissie W. last year), Rinnie Carfrae (WON Quassy last year), Matty Reed (Olympian!) Craig Alexander (explanation needed??), and Joanna Zieger!! On the sidebar of my blog, you can click the "itunes" button to download the podcasts (mp3) for free (great trainer/treadmill material) :)

I'm pretty sure you can access the live talks (Wed @ 7pm) on the sidebar...or go to and create a user account or log in w/ your facebook...then search for "rev3tri" and join in! :)

Have a great night!