Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Plugging Along!

Happy Leap Day!!

***Spring is so close I can SMELL it... this morning I woke up ready to do my ~1 hr run or my ~1hr bike workout.  I checked the weather... in IL... in February...


I was about ready to spring out of bed and SPRINT (the fastest my stupid foot would let me) out the door!!  But then I noticed...


Way to kill the mood Mother Nature :(

After 20 minutes of hemming and hawing on facebook and twitter, I got my butt out the door and enjoyed the rare sunny, spring weather!  I did get ROCKED by the invisible wall of wind for sure though!!

***Foot recovery: I'm close to 11-weeks post-op, and I'm running darn close to 1 hour.  Which is great, but I'm nowhere NEAR pain-free.  It sucks and sometimes I get frustrated to tears.  Some runs are better than others...I'm grateful to be running... but I really wish it didn't hurt so much :(  Patience....

***Otherwise, I've just been plugging along at "life" and doing well!  Training is fun, I've been consistent and haven't skipped a workout this year yet!

I've also been SUPER busy at work, which is a great thing!  My friend and Tri-Shark teammate Scott Richardson wrote a feature story for the Pantagraph newspaper highlighting the services we offer at the Illinois State University Exercise Physiology Lab.  Specifically, it discussed how one of our clients used her BodPod, Sensewear armband, and Fuel testing results to interpret her baseline fitness levels and how she took action with our recommendations to improve her lifestyle and her body!

You can check out the article HERE.

The article caught the attention of many community members wanting to make changes and learn how to optimize their daily physical activity, diet, and exercise intensity.  It was been so much fun working with such a variety of people, with different goals and backgrounds!  It's also been a great opportunity for the exercise science student interns to gain hands-on experience working with clients :)

Even more exciting, through Associated Press, the same article has popped up in local newspapers in Galesburg, Rockford, Quincy, and Springfield IL.... but has also made appearances around the country in Texas, Oregon, Kentucky, and Arizona, as well as a host of fitness websites... awesome!!

Well that's news for now- Happy March!!  Less than two weeks until Spring Break :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Everything TRI in February!

It's February, and "indoor season" is moving right along!  Lots of TRI-related stuff I want to share!

SWIMMING is coming along!  I've been very consistent and seeing progress.  I am SO THANKFUL that the pool is in the same building that I work, it makes getting the workouts done so much easier.  Also, the room is very hot and humid, which is a warm welcome from the cold weather!  I'm also LOVING my Tri-Swim haircare, bodywash, and lotion! No chlorine itch or dryness for me!  I gave out samples of this to all the Tri-Sharks that came to the awards banquet, and a lucky raffle winner received a whole travel kit of the stuff!  Lucky for us, SBR Sports is offering 20% off ALL purchases in February, here's your chance to check it out... promotion below!  Be sure to use it at checkout!

I'm also excited that Team REV3 has added BLUE SEVENTY as our swim sponsor!!  I can't WAIT to top off the swim skillz I've been working hard for in one of these wetsuits.  They actually create different types of wetsuits for different swim styles... check them out!

Finally, just looks at these.  Enough said.  Get some.

BIKING has been TOUGH!! I recently did a bike test (OUCH) and I have been nailing some very tough workouts...I tell myself that JH is getting me ready for some early season time trials!  Those workouts can't hurt as much as what she's putting me through LOL!  Today was a 3hr. trainer ride to fundraise for a local high school's (HEYWORTH IL) trip to Washington DC.  Time to bust out the Tri-Slide!  It was spectacularly run by Jori and Jen!  They had tons of food and home-baked goodies, water, sports drink, and students fetching it all for you so you didn't have to get off your bike!  They also had GREAT raffle prizes.  The first 2 hours were led by Suzy, who kicked our butts!  I dished the pain right back when I lead for the final hour :)  It went by very quickly, time flies when you are suffering with friends :)

RUNNING...oy.  I though I would be able to start running at 4 weeks... and I finally forced the foot to get rolling around 6.5-7 week post-op.  I'm running at a low intensity ~30min. at a time now... but it is very painful.  The "push-off" is coming around, but it's not there yet.  Uggh.  AT LEAST Rev3 has added SWIFTKICK as a sponsor, so my tootsies will be comfy!! I have one pair that I have reserved for "special" runs, so I am excited to get geared up for a whole SEASON of running in those fantastic socks!!  I know I'm going to NEED those compression socks too once running picks up!
Oh, and speaking of running...many of my REV3 teammates and the staff are running a LOT to get ready for their big journey to RUN ACROSS AMERICA!

10 people will set out fron Oceanside, CA on March 26th and traverse 3080 miles by foot to reach Georgetown Hospital Cancer Centers in Washington DC on April 16th.


To raise $100,000 for the Ulman Cancer Fund.  The UCF offers comprehensive program for young adult cancer patients.

Please visit the RAA site to learn more about the running adventure and Ulman Cancer Fund.  It's so simple to help this cause- a donation, no matter how large or small.  You can visit the website, and I will provide a link on my website :)  Amazing.

So last week:
I am thrilled and honored that I received TWO awards at the Tri-Shark Annual Banquet:  Female MVP & BITE ME Performance!  Both were related to my tough season and outstanding race at IMAZ.   It means so much to me that my friends and training partners recognize my passion and the hard work I put into the sport... :)   Congratulations to the other award winners, and THANK YOU to everyone in the club- I absolutely LOVE the Bloomington IL triathlon community, and I couldn't ask to be around more FUN, talented, motivating, and inspirational athletes! :)  :)

On the Horizon:
Good news!  REV3 Florida is a go!  Half-distance.  Venice, FL.  October 28th.  See you at Sharky's!