Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Told You So...

Yesterday was a LONG DAY. It started at my parents' house in Schaumburg at 5AM when we got up, then we drove back down to Bloomington to get Dan to Horton by 8AM to teach his golf class. The day ended up being sunny and HOT (88-91!) and I was pumped to go biking after work in this summertime heat! However...when I was getting my bike ready, Dan told me that the weather radar he look at online said that storms were going to come through soon...yeeeeeeah right. Dan also looked at the radar and it said that it was going to storm this morning. It did NOT. Besides, the hour-by-hour forecast looked great until 10PM. So at 5:45PM I headed out.

As I biked east, I noticed I had quite the tailwind...I was going 27 mph with very little effort...that's going to be tough coming back! Hmmm, the forecast didn't say it was going to be THAT windy!

When I turned, I noticed that it was no longer sunny, it was actually quite overcast. Huh. I didn't pay too much attention to it though, since I was able to handle my bike so well in the nasty crosswind thanks to Chris Sweet and my new bike fit he did for me 2 weeks ago!

I did another windy stretch, and coming back from that was AWESOME - 30+mph, 100rpm, listening to PitBull-Krazy and Rihanna-Disturbia was fun!

When I got back to the home stretch, I had about 15mins until I reached my car. I immediately knew I was in trouble - the sky was black, and the headwind I had now was quite treacherous...then it started raining (no big deal)...then raining HARD with even TOUGHER wind (still, I'm tough...) then it started HAILING. Uh-oh. I'm in the middle of the country, no shelter nearby or anything! So...I call Dan to pick me up, and he was already on his way, since he was taking a nap and was woken up to sound of hail pounding our duplex!!

So I had about 10 minutes til he got there, I was so thankful but this still SUCKED, since the hail was big and PAINFUL! I stood at the side of the road facing east while all the hail coming from the west pounded my backside. Then a REALLY NICE GIRL pulled over and offered to drive me anywhere; I told her Dan was coming, but I would definitely appreciate the shield her van provided from the hail!!! So I stood outside and talked her to her while waiting for Dan. Everyone, her name is Amy... and she sells Partylite!!! Visit her website or come to the Partylite party I will be having soon!!! THANKS AMY!!!!!!!!!

Then my knight in shining armour arrived in his silver Mitsubishi Mirage and rescued me!! Haha. It was still storming crazily when he got there...however, just as I was about to take the wheels off my bike so it would fit it in the trunk, it stopped hailing and raining...we were able to take it apart and squeeze it into the trunk without Dan getting soaked!

What an adventure! ;) We finished off the night with some Italian Blend Pasta, whole wheat bread, Sesame Thai Dipping Oil, oven-dried tomatoes, and Italian-Seasoned chicken while watching the last episode of Harper's Island online.

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