Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winston's 1st birthday

This is Winston. On October 31st, he turned 1 year old. Happy Birthday Winston!! Enjoy your Birthday steak. Daddy made it extra special with a candle and a bow. He also hopes you love your party hat with butterflies and flowers on it!

Dan and I welcomed little Winston into our lives as a Christmas present from his parents last year, and we really believe he is our little boy, thus, it was mandatory to have a mini-birthday party. Dan even surprised me with this little get-up!

Winston even received several birthday cards. His favorite card was from his best friend AZ (my parents' dog, see previous posts!). She sent him a card that he could chew up!

He really wanted to go to the park, but we made him wait very patiently, and he wasn't too happy about it. At least he got to wear the party hat.

Daddy had to go get his hair cut, so Mommy took him to the park. We had sooo much fun!!

What a pretty fall day!

The first part of our journey was through the forest. This is Mommy's favorite part!

Next, we went to Jersey Hill. This is fun to run!

please zoom in on this about pure joy in running!

Next we went to the Creek. This is Winston's favorite part!

Photo op! What a beautiful Vizsla!

Now it's time to head home. Sunsets in the fall are so pretty!

After 15 days of rain or so, the park was pretty muddy...and so was Winston. So now it time for a birthday bath!...he was PISSED!!!

lol winston loved dad saw this and busted out laughing...a BJ!!!

A little late, but Happy Birthday!

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jessithompson said...

Great post and pics...I'm a dog lover too! I enjoyed reading some of your blog posts - sounds like you have a big year ahead with all kids of amazing things in store - especially a wedding!

I'm new to Team Trakkers and was just checking out some of the blogs today... wishing you a wonderful holiday season!