Thursday, January 20, 2011

1-Year Anniversary Trip: Atlantic City

Wednesday 12/29 
The morning after we galavanted around NYC, we got up early again to train-ride it to Atlantic City.  We got there in the afternoon and for lunch decided to go to the Caesar's Casino buffet, since the restaurant at hotel (Trump Plaza) was closed! 

After lunch, we moseyed over to the casino and we saw some fuss going on- we found out that Caesar's was calling 3 names on the hour of people who used their Player's Card at the Casino, and they got the chance to spin a big wheel for a chance to earn big cash prizes!  GET THIS:  We watch this guy go up, and he was being so bland and "I don't care about this blah blah blah", and guess what?  He spins "VAULT", so now he gets to go in the money vault! 

In the clear, enclosed little room, it is decorated like a "bank vault" and there are shelves with several stacks of gold bars.  The objective of this game was to grab and carry out as MANY bars as you can in 10 seconds- each gold bar has a sticker with a dollar value on the bottom, and you WIN all the money on the gold bars that you are able to hold and carry out-if you drop it, it DOESN'T COUNT.

So she asks him "WOW!!! What are you going to do with all the money you are going to win?!?!" In the most apathetic, bored voice he replies "uuuuuh....don't know."

So the timer goes OFF, and everybody is cheering and counting down, "10-9-8..." and this guy just strolls in, picks a few bars up, drops even more, then apathetically walks out of the vault .  He made us SO mad because he was sooo apathetic and bored with this "game" that could potentially win him 10,000+ !!  

So she starts looking at the stickers at the bottom of bars- "$25! $25! $25! $50! $25!"...these stickers were red and green.  Then, she saw turned the last one over, and it was an opaque, shimmery color...she consulted the girl announcing.  They consulted the security guard guy. Then they announce, "HE JUST WON $10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Oh.My.Gosh.   This guy?  Really?

He acted all "whatever' at first.  Then, once he realized this was for real based on everybody's faces and people asking for his identification, etc.  he got this stupid grin on his face and was all-of-the-sudden a really happy and cheery guy.


Needless to say, Dan and I planned on going there for lunch, and we ended up staying there, and PLAYING there, until 8PM, hoping they would call our names so we could get a chance to spin the wheel!!  Excellent marketing strategy....until some random dude wins $10,000 in front of our faces.  But we lost a little money (the Sex and City slot Machine game is soooooo FUN though!!! I LIVE for Bonus games!  All That Glitters is another fun slot machine with bonus games woo hoo!!) - spent way too much money on drinks (REALLY strong martinis for me) - had a great dinner at the Rainforest Cafe - checked out the Boardwalk - and slept sooo good after another fun-filled day together!  :)

I didn't take any pictures today- wonder why?

We didn't stay for long though, the next afternoon we had ANOTHER train to catch - to Washington DC!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun relaxing day with your husband. Looking forward to hear about Washinton DC
Love, Mom

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh - I would have been screaming like crazy if they just called my name, let alone got a "vault" or won $10,000!!!! And I would have done the same thing as you - played all day in hopes that they called my name! :)

Chris said...

Wow! $10K, now a triathlete could do some damage w/ that!