Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First of all, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who have been showering Dan and I with support, prayers, and well-wishes:  We are touched and truly appreciate all of you.

GOOD NEWS:  Here is something that YOU CAN DO!!  :)

Dan was really excited about a GREAT program offered by Green Beans Coffee - A "Cup of Joe for a Joe" !

Go the website (linked above) and you have TWO GREAT OPTIONS:

  1. "Cup of Joe for a Joe" - For every $2 that you donate, a different soldier around the world will receive a "gift certificate" via email that they can use at their Green Beans Coffee Shop!  Dan signed up last week, and he has already received one from a wonderful person - he received a personalized message and was able to write her a Thank You note, and geez, I WANTED to write her one too!! :)  Click on the link get more information and to listen to an interview about this program!
  2. "Coffee Cards" - For a $20 minimum donation, you can send a coffee card to a specific soldier.  You specify their email and nearest Green Beans coffee location and they will receive an email notification to go pick up their coffee card!!  EMAIL ME and I will tell you how to specify it for Dan and he will distribute gift cards to the men and women in his unit (and keep some for himself)!  :)
It's like a real coffee shop, with a full coffee, espresso, tea, and smoothie menu, along with treats, snacks, and coffee mugs/accessories, so they WON'T get sick of receiving these gifts!

You can also support this company by buying their coffee (and accessories/apparel) - I definitely will be ordering some beans- Dan and I can share the same cup of coffee ;)

This is such an awesome way to say THANK YOU and show your appreciation for soldiers around the world-

Thanks for reading ;)


Joel said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome offering. As a former Marine, this is incredibly valuable to the troops! Thanks for letting others know about it!