Monday, January 16, 2012

Triathlon season is underway!! REV3 Group Coaching :)

I love the excitement of January- it seems that all of my triathlon friends have gotten "back on track", established their race schedules and season goals, and are hitting it HARD this month!! For that, thanks for sharing your excitement and journey with me on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. - it's so motivating!

Of course, I'm excited for the season as well.  I'm still not running yet (I'm going to PT to break up scar tissue now...) , but I've been rocking the swim, bike, and strength the last two weeks!  My bike workouts have been solid, and I've actually been ENJOYING my time in the pool lately!  I'm finding that I'm getting just a little stronger every time I hit the gym, and it's fun to see progress :)  Losing holiday weight? Not so much... my husband's family still has two big family "Christmas parties" this month, so one thing at a time... this month my goal is to NAIL my workouts, next month I'll add in a nutrition focus... :)

  I'm really looking forward to my 3rd season as a REV3 athlete!  I am overwhelmed with all the news and excitement they've thrown my way in JANUARY!  Besides FIFTY new (and old) teammates to connect with, we've gotten exciting news about sponsors, races, charity, and events!  Check it:


I am over-the-moon excited that over 20 people from my awesome local triathlon club (TRI-SHARKS) are signed up to race REV3 Wisconsin Dells and several others are signed up for Knoxville!  Now, here's an opportunity to really get down to business training-wise and share motivation and camaraderie from our local teammates as well as athletes all over the country!

Here's how the program works:

  • When you sign up for the program, you will receive a REV3 training kit, and $25 off into any REV3 race (they will credit your account if you've already signed up for one!)
  • You will receive a monthly training program specific to the race you have signed up for (16week for olympic distance, 20wk for half distance, 24wk for full distance).
  • You'll receive a username and password to access the Group Coaching Forum
    • Chat with other athletes, REV3 staff (race director and all!) and REV3 pro&amateur athletes
    • Advanced info such as course updates, course maps, race director tips, coach tips, race weekend schedules.
    • Webinars and online chats on specific training topics
  • Local training opportunities, on-course training days, and race weekend meet-ups!
The Cost:
  • $200 start-up fee (-$25 if you've already signed up for your REV3 race)
  • $50 monthly fee (the first month is $250, each month thereafter is $50)
  • If you pay for the whole program up-front instead of paying it month-by-month, you receive a 10% discount... which adds up to about 1 free month!
This is going to be a GREAT program, especially if you have never been "coached" before- As a coached athlete myself, I've found that having a "plan" gives me peace of mind and leaves out the questions "What should I do today?  Am I doing too much?  Not enough?"  

Pricewise, it's also a good deal!!  Many triathlon coaches charge $200-$500 per MONTH for individualized coaching- with REV3 group coaching you'll be paying that much for the ENTIRE program, plus the forum access, training kit, and race discount!

Having an individual triathlon coach, though pricey, has it's benefits- every workout is geared toward your individual goals and race schedule- but if it's out of your price range and sounds like a "bit much," REV3 group coaching is an excellent way to go.

For more information or to register, you can contact me, Coach Carole Sharpless, or visit the REV3 coaching website!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Is that an American Triple T jersey? Freaking tough race

Kacie Darden said...

You'll be back to running in no time!!! In the meantime, you can continue to train to CRUSH everyone else on the bike like usual!

Colleen said...

Two Christmas parties in January... how can I join this family?!?!?! :)