Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lake Placid training recap

Wow, less than two weeks til IM this time next week my family and I will be driving up there...incredible. You sign up for these things a year in advance, and that day does actually roll around! You know what? I'm excited.

I got a late start on IM training this year...I was all psyched up for Boston, but I had a baaaaad day...that got me down. However, I think I've picked it up nicely the last two months, especially this past month, and now I have 11 days to rest up and let all the hard work I've done sink in and get me ready for yet another Ironman adventure.

I've cut back on run volume and intensity, and transferred my focus over to cycling...The run training I did for Florida definitely paid off, but I have more to gain with stronger cycling...If my run time goes from 4:25 to 4:55, I'll lose 30 mins, but if I can improve my bike from 8:00 to sub 7:00 hrs...I think the trade-off is worthwhile!

Saturday rides are awesome anyway! I've done some fun, loooong rides with the Tri-shark triathlon club members and some Tri-Birds- whatta way to get to know people, catch up with old friends, and spend a Saturday afternoon! Some people are just rolling outta bed at 1PM after an expensive night of empty calories and partying...while you are finishing up a 100mi bike ride!

I've only competed twice, but the Tuesday night Time Trials put on by the TriSharks are GREAT as well! I didn't know that I could push that hard on a bike! The course is challenging and is great threshold-buster.

Teaching a Walk/Jog class at ISU is great motivation for me- working with people who have never been runners and introducing them into the world of fitness and getting them involved has been so beneficial not only for them, but for me as well! Seeing each of them improve their 1 1/2 mile time after only 3 weeks and getting excited about and asking me questions about heart rate monitors, training for a 5K, where to find more resources...makes me feel accomplished. I may have helped jump-start a life-long fitness and healthy lifestyle for these individuals...I may have contributed to their potentially longer, happier, and healthier lives. =)

Swimming is still lacking for me. I'm swimming more than I have before, but I am terrible at it, and I don't think I can get better on my own. I don't understand the mechanics of it- the more I swim, the more I practice poor mechanics, the harder it will be to change them...I NEED a swim coach. That's a top priority once this season is over.

Tri-Sharks also have an open water swim wed. nights at a local park with a 560m's great training! I think my open water skills have already improved (sighting, swimming straight, getting used to the wetsuit) so that's been really useful!

aaaah....swimming....i just need to get it over with, then comes the good parts!!

Other good workouts:

-3 x 1 mi. on Jersey.... w/ my friend Paul, whew whatta workout, it's killer! I ran faster than expected too! Jersey is a nice, rolling street with a couple longer inclines...just fantastic for mile repeats! I was aiming for 7mins...ended up with 6:35,6:40,6:55 (legs were shot after that last one lol)

- 1 1/2 run with Margo at Paw Paw lake (see picture!)....what a great loop! hot and HILLY! just what I needed! my legs were tiiired that first hour since I did a century ride the day before, but I felt loosened up that last 30 mins =)

-Spin Lake: have biked out there a couple times, some good hills around those parts, going up and down! great practice for LP

-and WIBA last weekend...that will be a whole 'nother post =)

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