Sunday, November 11, 2007

It all starts here

It's about that get the training schedule up and running for next season. I've been playing it cool for last few is very busy, and quite frankly I needed a break from the hard-core training and racing. But I'm itching again. I've found some awesome new training partners (fellow Graduate Assistants Kim, Robyn, and Courtney!!!) that will help keep the motivation and excitement up through the winter. Also, after seeing my partner in crime Margaret run a flippin 3:10!!! at NYC, my adrenaline levels are up and I'm ready to go!

Big races for 08 include Boston Marathon (gotta redeem myself!!) and Ironman Coeur d'Alene (I'm going under 13 hrs!), and the training starts NOW.

Today I had the opportunity to see where I'm at and determine the baseline- I ran the Jingle Bell 5k with the Foxy 4 (Courtney, Robyn, Kim, and myself...). I've been content with some of the speedwork I've been running over the last couple weeks, but I have not RACED in a loooong time...I really didn't know what to expect today. I knew I wasn't in PR shape (21:25) but could I even pull off a sub-23? I wasn't too worried about, I just wanted to see where I was at so I can work on improving!

Great day for running, so no cold/heat/wind excuses, perfect! Saw lots of running and tri folk, so that's always a fun way to start the day. I also saw several of my students out there, which made me really happy! A few of them were running for extra credit I offered, but some were out there just for fun (and I'm the one that told them about it!) I love seeing people getting out there and active! And I was happy with my sweet outfit- my new shoes match my boston gear, and I wore my awesome arm warmers. Watch out!

So gun goes off, and I gotta make my way to the start, dodge strollers/wheelchairs/small children, but that's just normal stuff. My legs feel amazing, but my heart is racing- probably nervousness/starting out fast. I feel like I have to do that, otherwise if I start out too slow, I'll never pick it up! Kim felt the same way! I can tell it's gonna be a hard race, but if you run a 5K like you are supposed to, it SHOULD feel hard (I've read you should race 5Ks at 85-90% of your max HRR...yowza!)

First mile comes up and I'm at a 6:58...little fast Laura, you'll feel it later! So I slow down a bit, but it didn't feel any easier lol. During this second mile, I notice how many YOUNGENS are smokin' me...we are talking junior high/grade schoolers who are chatting away, while I'm running HARD! I start cramping on my right side, but come on, everyone gets cramps, it happens. I've ran through worse, so deal with it. Second mile split was a 7:19...geez didn't realize I slowed down THAT much. Last 1.1 mi was all trail, I've run this stretch a million times, but it's never felt this hard! I'm trying to concentrate on lengthening my stride and taking deep breaths to suck in as much oxygen as possible. Tamara was spectating and ran with me for a minute or two, I totally needed it! I could not muster out more than a word, so I just tried to keep up with my "pacer" It made me focus on something, so that was good. Now all I had to do was bring it in. I came around the corner, and the clock in the distance said 21:45...wooo hooo! I'm an oddball and I was 80% sure I could sprint it in and get under 22:00...haha majorly over estimated. I DID end up with a 22:08! 7:08 pace overall, I'll take that for a first race of the training season! I'm so going under 21:00 in the spring.

Kim, Robyn, and Courtney were pretty happy with their races too, they all have more in them, and will kill their times at the next race. My time was good for 2nd place in F20-24 division, and Kim got 3rd! The results sheet said that Courtney was 3rd, which would have been AWESOME to have all three of get awards, but I guess the "1" next to my name meant "1st runner up" and so on. Booooooo....Robyn got 2nd or 3rd in F25-29, SWEET. So we got medals and bunch of gift certificates. good deal.

Alright, now here's my favorite part...analyzing my data, exercise physiologist style (you all know that's what I'm getting my Master's degree in, right?) I want to see how hard (intensity) I was actually running this thing...

Mile 1: 6:58 min/mi HR 182
Mile 2: 7:19 min/mi HR 187
Mile 3.1: 7:06 min/mi HR 188
Total: 22:08, HR 186

So, my RESTING heart rate (RHR)-which I determined by wearing my heart rate monitor to bed a couple weeks ago and seeing the average from 6 hrs of sleep that night- is 51 BPM

My estimated MAX heart rate MHR (220-age) is 197.

So let's use the Heart Rate Reserve method...

MHR-RHR = HRR.............. 197-51 = 146
(HRR * %) + RHR = BPM.................. (146 * X) + 51 = 186
146 * X = 135
X= 92.5% of HRR !!!!!

I am INTENSE!!!! that also means that I've actually got to train and get in better, faster shape, cause that's aLL I GOT. =)

Workouts for the week: running, running, running...get in the pool ONE TIME. and find my bike helmet and shoes.

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