Thursday, November 22, 2007


Alright, I'm bored after the turkey dinner =) So I did my 2nd race of the training season...Palatine Turkey Trot 5mile. Since the Jingle Bell 5K, I haven't done any speedwork. I was also planning on upp-ing my run mileage to just 30 miles a week, and even THAT didn't happen. slacker. well, race was cold, windy, but no excuse- ended up with a 38:35 (7:44 min/mi pace...) eh. Not great, especially since my first mile was 7:18...whoops. And I was trying hard too! I know my shamrock shuffle time in 06 was under 36:00, so....slacker.

Here's the info for y'all...(not so proud of it, but it is what it is...)

Mile 1: 7:18 min/mi pace HR 182
Mile 2: 7:43 min/mi pace HR 184
Mile 3: 8:05 min/mi pace HR 183 (slacker.)
Mile 4: 8:03 min/mi pace HR 184 (struggling a bit Laura?)
Mile 5: 7:24 min/mi pace HR 184 nice finish...

Believe it or not, it was good for 10th woman overall, 3rd in my age a medal and a gift certificate...I'll take that! At least I got out there this morning and did it right?

Ya know, it's so hard to get out the door for a run when it's cold and cloudy, but if you're dressed warmly enough, it feels good once you get going! Gotta remember that this winter! I have some early season races, so I can't slack!

Tough right now though, lots of school stuff to do before the end of the semester. Gotta stay on top of grading, gotta get the syllabi done for my classes before the end of next week, I have big assignment due this week, two next week, and I haven't even considered final exams yet...yikes. This is real life, I can handle it =)

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