Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internship Offer #1 !!

Well after an awesome masters swim this morning, and a network outage of all sites, it's blogger time. =)

Yesterday was very eventful for me! First thing in the AM, Dave (my Velotron contact) FINALLY called me back...I was freaking out a little bit-I need this thing for my thesis project (I'll tell you all about it later)...meaning my graduate degree...and he was supposed to bring it here either Friday last week or Mon/Tues this week....and after numerous phone calls and messages starting Thursday, STILL no answer! My professors were giving me funny looks!

So he called, and said while in transport, a part on the bike broke, so he is contact with Chuck (VP or something of Racermate) in order to get the part, fix it, and get the velotron to me SOON. He'll let me know better be by the end of this month!! very nerve-wracking...I just need to know if I'm going to get it, in time for data collection before the end of the semester (I COULD start up again in the fall if needed...but not preferable.)

NEXT, I got an email from Carol, the Human Performance Lab Manager at the National Training Center in Clermont FL, and she told me that I have been accepted as an intern for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! This place is AMAZING! It used to be the USA Triathlon Training Center, but they are no longer directly affiliated with USAT....they still have all the same training facilities though!! A 70m outdoor pool (with masters swim), 400m track, a xc course, a human performance lab with all the toys and services I desire, physical therapy, massage therapy, big weight room, big cardio room, group fitness classes, group tri workouts and training...the area has a lot of triathletes, hills, and lakes...The NTC puts on a triathlon race series in a local state park. The NTC hosts a ton of tri camps, and groups of athletes , such as the Austrian tri team, come to train for extended periods of time...


My friend Don had an internship there a couple years ago- didn't sound like it was paid or anything, but geez he was swimming next to Sheila Taormina (Olympic triathlete and swimmer!)

So I emailed her back and told her that before I accept the offer, I have a few questions...

1) What will my experience and responsibilities as an intern entail?
2) Will any pay/compensation/stipend be provided?
3) What are the housing options?

I have applied to three other awesome sites, which I will from hopefully within the next month, and if I'm accepted to another one, these three questions are going to help me determine where I intern this summer. The first is the most important- I want to be doing performance testing and research, not leading a senior wellness program. Second is also VERY important. If I'm accepted to 2 sites, both sound good, one is paid and one is not, guess which one I'm going to go with....Third goes along with the second.

but HOW COOL IS THAT?? Worse case scenario, I'm going to be in Florida at an amazing training facility this summer. darn. =)

Finally, to top the day off, I got my Ironman stuff I ordered in the mail. exciting.

Yay! =) I'll keep you posted!

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