Saturday, February 16, 2008


woo hoo finished up an awesome 18 mile run! ABC run, lots of LRC'ers and Tri-Sharks out and about the west side of Bloomington. I was not even aware that there was a running trail out there, so I was happy about running in a new location, I'm trying to get away from my home stretches of the constitution trail, since that's where I've been running for the last six years...

Merlin mapped out a nice out and back 5K course- most runners ran a 5, 10, or 15K. I wanted to run 18 today, and I had some pals help me along the way!

we had a cold, sunny morning during our run- I bundled up pretty good (polyester turtleneck, thin fleece, Chicago marathon thermal jacket), and I heated up pretty quick! We started out at a normal long-run pace (about 9:15-20) but my heart rate and rpe were higher than training slacked a little bit this week, so I wasn't unusually sore...I'm thinkin it was due to my clothes and not getting enough sleep this week (crazy school...) nothing to serious though =)

So the first loop (9 miles) We had a great little group- Tamara, Tom, Saori!, Frances, and Amber. We all were comfortable with the running pace and had some great chit-chat about training, races, work, etc. Merlin also made a few appearances. I love running with great people!

After a quick stop back in the hall for some mid-run "nourishment," Tamara, Amber, Tom, Merlin and I headed out again. Merlin turned back a little early to go meet Meg and clean up, Tamara and Amber turned around to finish up 13, and Tom and I finished up a full second loop for 18. The second loop felt much better than the first for me! HR was back to normal, even though we picked it up a tad bit. Ended up running 2:45 for 18, A nice average pace for that distance. I guess I need sleep and good warm-up =)

After the run, I went over to Courtney's apt., because she wanted to interview me for her sports motivation project- basically, she wanted to hear my story about how I got into this Ironman business, the story from the start, and why I'm still doing it...

It's very cool to think about it....Ask yourself some of these questions!


***2002 - I sucked at sports, all of them, when I was younger and through high school...I started running my senior year of high school because I wanted to be thin and athletic-looking like the cross country girls!***

***2003 - My freshman year of college, I saw a flyer at home (Schaumburg) for a local sprint triathlon...I knew how to swim since I took swimming lessons when I was younger (haha), anyone could bike, and I could run three miles...I could do this! As I trained for the event, I became fascinated with the sport! I trained alone, since I didn't know anyone who did I learned and observed a lot- the bikes, wetsuits, transitions, race gear...whew! Does this sport EVER get boring? Also, great way to lose weight- those triathletes are smokin'!***


***03-04 - Sophomore year college- I found the ISU triathlon club, where I found GREAT training partners and friends! I started going a little longer (runs and triathlon distances) just to prove to myself that I can. I also took on a leadership position in the tri club as president! Triathlon was social, lots of fun. That's what my friends and I DO- we get up, meet up and workout, support/encourage/push eachother, then talk about it afterwards at breakfast! I'm seeing the crazy stuff my friends are doing...marathons, even half-Ironmans! That's amazing that they could push themselves like that...and a whole lot of calories burned too!

That summer I went back to Schaumburg and started working at a running store with Mark Rouse and Theresa Rouse, big-time Ironman finishers! I learned an incredible amount about endurance sports, heard their stories, seen where they've traveled...wwoooooowww...I stepped it up a bit and completed several Olympic distance tri's...and after crewing for some pals at Minnesota Border to Border race, I was ready to sign up for the Chicago marathon that October...=)

**04-05 junior year:

Back at school, I was observing my friend Don in all his excitement in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin...he was doing THE IRONMAN. Holy cow! I didn't even know what that WAS until this summer! I decided to go up to Madison that September for the weekend and that was fun. The whole Ironman village, expo, people....and I did a little "preview" of the run course - I ran one loop of it...I couldn't believe that people would be doing 2 loops...after 114.4 miles in the lake and on the bike.

After seeing the mass swim start from the top of the helix , Coldplay Clocks playing in the background...I wanted it. The rest of the day, watching so many people digging deep, reaching for their personal limits, and the ultimate place to see what Ironman is all about- the damn finish and I could watch an Ironman finish line for hours and not get sick of it...Could I do this? Next year? I've never accomplished anything this big...I haven't even done a marathon yet...I would definitely get an awesome body...I've heard from Ironman vets I could do it...I want it...BAD.

I signed up the next morning.

and THAT was the beginning of my Ironman adventure!


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