Thursday, November 27, 2008

Catching up!

Long time no post...getting my stuff together!

Dan and I moved into a new place - a cute little duplex - and we love it! We still haven't moved everything over (waaay too busy the last few weeks) but we are quite comfortable!

Pretty much finished my thesis - some lost paperwork involved (grrrr!) but the 55-page monster is done, and I will defend it in a week. YAY!!! I am proud of myself for all the hard work and effort I put in to it - I came up with the study myself, sucessfully received a loan from Racermate for the Velotron, completed all the data collection in the time span of 1.5 months (60+ VO2max tests!!), and wrote the manuscript this semester. More on that after I defend!

I presented my study to group of faculty 2 weeks ago, which was good because I received some constructive criticism, and a week ago I presented at the IAHPERD conference in St. Charles, and received a check for it! THAT was exciting! One more presentation to go!


At the same time I was writing my thesis, I also wrote a 25 pg. literature review for my Advanced Body Composition class - I examined anthropometric and body comp. characteristics of triathletes and their single-sport counterparts. Very cool topic, I'm pretty proud of that paper too =)

In addition to teaching aerobics and online personal fitness, I was also juggling training for Ironman Arizona (#6!!!), which I completed on Sunday! Whole new post to come. I definitely missed lots of training that I had intended to do, especially in the final few weeks with my thesis coming together, but I rocked!

I graduate next month with my master's degree in exercise I still have one paper, a test, and a thesis defense before the semester's over, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was hired for a little job - a lecture instructor for one section of personal fitness next semester - which is GREAT, but I still need some extra income.

Wedding plans may start to be in the works over Christmas break...I'll keep you posted =)

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