Monday, October 6, 2008


Very happy that I got through another tough weekend of training!!

Last week I was pretty consistent with running, not so much swimming or biking. When the weekend hit I was ready to roll...but silly me, when I taught my aerobics classes on Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to add lots and LOTS of lunges (stationary, alternating, jumping, etc...) to the step/kickboxing routine! Nevertheless, my legs were SOOOOOOOORE on Saturday morning when I headed out to meet Tam and the boys for "a little bike ride"....

Bit chilly Saturday morning...but that's how it is when you get on the bike after an Ironman swim right? Gotta get used to it. The plan for the ride was to head straight out east for 58 miles, then head back on the same road. Not a bad idea, but we were going straight into a headwind!

The ride out was pretty tough- trying to keep up with the boys, and I was tensing up a lot because of the wind. and my legs hurt lol. Another factor in this ride is that we didn't make any long stops- usually we make a gas station stop every 25 miles or so, but not the case here!

On the way back, Mike and Brian took off, and Tam and I were holding our own...the tailwind didn't seem as relieving as we thought it would. The temp was great by now, the sun was shining, but we were pretty achy, sore, tired of riding, my wonderful fiancee came to our rescue! =) So we cut the ride 15 miles short- we still got in 100mi though!

On Sunday morning Tam and I ran together - what a fantastic run it was! 3 hours, and although our legs were trashed, we still cruised along pretty well and picked it up at the end. Great temps, sunshine, the trail, it was altogether quite lovely. One of the most enjoyable long runs I've ever had!

I'm sad that Tamara is going to be tapering for IM Florida now! I've still got a month of hard work to do!! =)

I'm dedicating my weekends to training....but my work during the week is going to be focused on school. I was a bit hysterical last week - I realized my thesis (~50 pgs.) is due around 11/10...and a completely different research paper (~20 pgs.) is going to be due 11/4!!! AAAHH!!! I LOVE grad school, I really do. I love research, I love my classes, but I'm feeling a BIT overwhelmed here. I can't even imagine what life will be like 1 month...2 months...3 months from now ??!?!

I will give myself HUGE props if I can somehow get it all done. I think it's a bit much...and I'm probably going to cry a lot...but my family, my fiancee, and even my instructors have faith in me, so I'm going to bank on that and see what I can do.

Lator gators!

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