Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunset Ride and a Great Week!!

pretty sunset on my ride today!
OK, first of all, I am LOVING all the Kona facebook/pictures/blog updates!!  Keep them coming people!!  I am so happy for friends that are competing - every competitor over on that island this week have worked their @sses off, made sacrifices, and earned their trip to race in Paradise- way to go and ENJOY!! And please, share your experience with us :)

Secondly, although the week is early, workouts are going great.  Swimming is coming along (i.e. I don't hate it) and there is PROGRESS on the bike and run!

big hill in Central IL.
I had my 2nd bike test on my Kestrel this year (I was lucky enough to have some fast boys pushing me-Brian and Mark- THANKS!)...and indeed, I have gained fitness and learned to suffer this year!  I increased my threshold by almost 50W over the course of the year and my average HR went up a few beats as well!  OUCH, but YAY! Thank YOU JH!!

windmills in the distance...
Special thanks to Brian- I showed up to the ride and my garmin wasn't charged- UUUGGH, especially since I wanted to do my bike test!! He kindly let me use his garmin, and we changed the settings/ synced it up to my equipment and I was good to go- thankyouthankyou!

Brian checking on his bike...
Our t-run afterward went well too- it felt easy, my heart rate was super low and legs felt good, and we were running sub-9's :)  Can't wait to dominate my long run this weekend!

My Recovery Pump and First Endurance Ultragen have been helping me recover quick and tackle the next workout recharged...loving it!!

FINALLY, on Thursday I leave to work timing for REV3 Anderson in S. Carolina!! Can't wait to check out the inaugural race at this venue!

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