Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Quick Post with updates, thoughts, etc...

  • My foot/ankle decided to get better about a month ago.  Coincidentally, my motivation skyrocketed.

I NAILED my last (biggest) training cycle.  Workouts are now winding down- shorter, faster, and lots of race-pace interval on the swim/bike/run.  Cycling on my Kestrel is strong (as it has been all year), I'm making progress on the swim, and running has been going RIDICULOUSLY well.  I am SO excited for my race in 3 weeks- My original goal (10:xx)  seems reachable... still a stretch since I don't have the "cumulative" miles on my legs, I would NEED a quick bike split, but I can't over-ride it... so we SHALL SEE!! 

I've had some GREAT training partners on some TOUGH workouts....I've done several 100-115 miles where we have gone 50 miles out with a tailwind, then had to BATTLE the headwind on the way back.  No turns, no stops, no trees, no corn, etc... it's a barren wasteland out here.  It's MIND-NUMBING  mental toughness training...Thanks Tamara, Brian, and Mark!!

Running- holy sh*t.  I'm running faster than I was 3 years ago when I was running WELL- It's going to be a total wildcard on 11-20, I can't wait to see how the run unfolds!!  Steve has been keeping me company on my runs (even though he JUST rocked the Chicago Marathon less than a month ago!)- THANKS!!

Swimming- lots of pool time!  I'm figuring out how to maintain "momentum"... I've also figured how NOT to ruin my hair by using SBR Sports swimcare (see bullet point below for the importance of this!)  :)

I've also been using the new First Endurance Pre-Race capsules during my "race-specific" workouts, and it's been AWESOME!  No GI distress that I've had with the powder, and I've been DELIVERING on all the intervals and workouts prescribed by JH.  Excellent.  I have my nutrition dialed in- I'm using FE Liquid Shot (Vanilla) and EFS (Tart Lemon-Lime and Fruit Punch) for the race.  Throughout the year I've been trying to use 2x strength of concentrated EFS so I wouldn't have to use special needs- even with plenty of water intake, it never sit well with my stomach, so I WILL be using Special Needs half-way through the bike to pick up more regular-strength bottles...I know it works and I love how it tastes, so no need to risk it!

My dog is so cool too.  He's done 90% of my runs with me this year- he's such a good little runner.  Vizslas are MEANT to run- he keeps up on fast runs, and he recently "PR-ed" with his longest distance to date- 15 miles! 

I'm doing all the race-prep now... packing lists, final product/gear ordering- PS I NEED A NEW AERO HELMET... mine broke :(  travel and time management before and during race week... so exciting!

With race registrations opening up, I'm also getting psyched for next year- there are 15-20+ Tri-Sharks heading up to REV3 Wisconsin Dells next year- yay!!  I'll definitely be at REV3 Knoxville again (LOVE the bike course... and the new hills on the run course!), and after working REV3 Anderson this year, that looks like a fun one too...

  • Best News Ever----   MY HUSBAND IS COMING HOME!!!
After being deployed since January, he is coming home on FRIDAY!!!!  My life is awesome.  He is the coolest guy ever and I can't wait to be with him all.the.time from now on!!!  Enough said!  I <3 Dan Wheatley!

Check out these stories about his unit's homecoming!!


Jamie said...

Tons of awesome news! Congrats LW.

Cara said...

Hooray! I am so glad that everything is falling into place for you! It's SO exciting that Dan is coming home FINALLY and that you sound ready to CRUSH ImAZ! I can't wait to hear about it! :) :) :)

GoBigGreen said...

Hey i just saw your link from the FE newsletter, glad you like the pre race caps. I was nervous about them but i hate the way the powder tastes in my EFS or in my liquid shot so i think they are worth a try!
Good luck at AZ, have fun with JPH:) hee hee.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Awesome that your hubby is coming home!!!

Colleen said...

Best of luck this weekend Laura! You are going to do awesome!

And yay that Dan is home... I don't know how you do it!!!