Sunday, March 7, 2010

Makes it worthwhile

yesterday I went to Spin City Cycles in Decatur for their Open House - it wasn't just a big "sale" (although I did walk out with a pearl izumi back jacket and a pair of tri-shorts for less than $100!) - they had FOOD, group rides with demo powertaps, rides and talks with the ZIPP guys, Demo bikes from Scott, pedals from Speedplay, and Nutrition product from 1st Endurance. Shimano is brought a Di2 electric bike. Mavic brought some wheels. Felt is brought cool stuff. Pro mountain biker Eric Pirtle signed autographs.

A really cool highlight was a "Triathlon Mythbusters" presentation by Chris Sweet: He presented us some questions such as "Does lack of electrolytes cause cramping? Will your tires blow up on a hot day? Is sex before a race really detrimental?"...and then told us if these myths were busted or not based on published research! REALLY COOL, check out this guy's blog- he should be doing a clumn for triathlete magazine :) He's also the same guy who's holding the "Don't Suck" sign in my profile picture on my blog! :)

All this cool stuff gave me extra motivation for a workout - yesterday I ran 1:25 minutes followed by a 45 minute bike! Winston was SO excited to run with me - especially since the temperature was above fifty degrees! That means that I won't dress him up like this:

and I won't make him wear THESE to go running in!!

haha! It was such a great run though! I figured out how to manage the cords from iphone + Winston's leash + treats ( you know how awkward it is to try to juggle all that...) and the treats totally works - Winston wasn't pulling as much...and there were was section of the run where I was on a trail and there was a field all around us, so I could let go of the leash and Winston could let off some steam! Then on the way back something amazing happened - I got my legs back! My hips let me open up my stride, the sunset was so soft and pretty, I had my running buddy with me, I had some great music playing (see my previous post)... I didn't want this run to end! I was originally going to end the run at 1:20, but we got back early and did an extra lap around the lake...
but I still had to end it early- my poor joints and muscles are not trained for this kind of distance pounding yet :)

It was this kind of run, when everything falls into place, that makes all the "bad" training days worthwhile :)

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