Monday, March 8, 2010

Need your help - product advice!

I "sucked it up" and worked out again yesterday - holy cow! 3 days in a row! :) It was definitely worth it!

I went for a 35-minute run in the evening, and the weather was perfect - high 40's, calm wind. It was so refreshing! We (my "running buddy" and I") did an out and back - the way out felt great- my stride was still opened up from my run on Saturday- meaning I felt like I was running and not shuffling! The way back felt BETTER- like I was running downhill the entire time (I wasn't, I checked the elevation later haha!) It took me 19 minutes to go "out", and 17 minutes to go "back" (yes, that's 36 mins but I like to put round numbers in the training log haha). I hstill have some monster knots that have worked their way into my calves - maybe if I work out seven days in a row (that would be through this Thursday) I'll treat myself to a massage @ Aches Away...Don is the best!! If you are in Bloomington, you must go!

I followed this with a 35-min bike on the trainer- I wasn't wearing tri shorts, and oooh my bum felt it (from the saddle) - This isn't a bad thing, it will go away in about 2 weeks of consistent riding- just means I need to get in the saddle more!!

BTW, I've been riding an ISM Adamo saddle for the last 2-3 years, and I LOVE it (after 2 weeks of riding lol), I am confident I will still be able to have children- unlike saddles with traditional "noses" that press into my baby-making parts! I used to cry on rides over 3 hours haha! However, I wish they made one a TAD bit narrower - nothing unbearable, but the rubbage I sometimes experience on the inguinal crease could be avoided :) But 90% of the time it is perfect, and you should definitely try it out if you are not happy with your current saddle!

I am sooo glad it is spring break for school this week - it will give a chance to knock out all the items on my work/home/personal to-do list, get back into a consistent triathlon training schedule, and maybe even get ahead for teaching and planning ! (maybe, but not likely :) )

Now I need your help!

  1. I am ordering a KESTREL bicycle - YAY!! I am debating on which one I will order - The Airfoil Pro (w/ Ultegra) or the 4000TT (w/ Ultegra) - What are your thoughts on these bicycles? If you have one or shopped around for one, please share your opinion - if you haven't ridden or shopped for them...check out the links and let me know what your review is!!
  2. My doggie Winston is a GREAT running partner - he gives me so much motivation and he always likes to run just a LITTLE FASTER than me, which pushes me a tad...but the pulling is driving me nuts. I can keep it under control with commands/treats, but I'm wondering - is a better leash out there for jogging than a regular choke chain? He doesn't respond to the "pop" of the collar when I pull it. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go to the hands-free leash since he still pulls, but I've heard good reviews of head collars, and I've seen dogs with Martingale! Any ideas, reviews, or input?
  3. With winter weather, I've been able to stick my iphone in a pocket fairly easily - but with warmer weather on the way, I will be losing my pockets! What kind of cases/armbands do you use that work well??

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!!

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jessithompson said...

Thanks for the tip about the saddle. I've been considering trying something new.

Adrienne said...

couldn't agree more that the ISM saddle needs to be more narrow....cobb saddle is a little too narrow, I need a happy medium for the girl parts.

Best thing for the ipod/iphone is to get the plastic case that you can clip on your shorts. The iphone is a little heavy so it might pull your pants down so make sure you are wearing draw strings.

oh....and girl - way too much in common.....I think we have the identical playlists. crazy...and wedding of yours, how fun! My boyfriend is a cyclist so I can see him going for the "you have to kiss" game. AWESOME!!!
Happy training!