Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ironman Cozumel - Here we go...

The next time I  see daylight, it will be race day.  The time I see it after that, I will have completed my 8th Ironman.

I just finished my last REAL meal of food.  Besides oatmeal in the morning, the next time I eat real food, I will have completed my 8th Ironman.

Bottles are filled, bags are packed, the next time I put my running shoes on I will be starting a 26.2 mile death march run.

We went to the swim start this morning in Chankanaab park and it was incredible.  I actually LIKE swimming when you have a view like this! There are also dolphins and other sea animals on your way to the start...

The saltwater is still an issue, but I feel like it's gotten a little bit better.  There are also tiny tiny invisible jellyfish in the water, and occasionally I felt little pricklies on my skin.  Nothing to worry about.

I had a GREAT massage today

We relaxed by the pool

We turned our bikes and bags in.  The swim and T1 are few miles south of T2 and the finish in downtown San Miguel, so you either have to ride or take a taxi.

more taxis than people on the island
Craziness!  T1 is sprawled out, there seem to be bikes around every turn!  I definitely had to do a "walk-through" to figure out just WHERE we exit the swim, WHERE we get our bags, HOW to get to my bike, and finally how to FIND the exit!  Pretty cool though!

Really long line for body-marking.  Weird.

Got back, watched the sun set, and took a relaxing shower.

After custom-ordering my dinner (salmon, brown rice, grilled veggies, bread, and some italian salad with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes that sounded good off their menu) I am ready.

The race starts at 7AM CST tomorrow morning and the weather looks fantastic (70 at the start, high of 79, 9mph winds) - track us live at  Dan is #2216, and I am #2217 !  We have never been racked next to each other before!  :)
KESTREL 4000 - Andy P
KESTREL 4000 - Dede G
KESTREL 4000 - Michael L
KESTREL 4000 - ME!!  :)
Thank you all SO much for your support- I'll check in with you all after the race :)


Triguy said...

Good luck with the race! Seems like great racing conditions.

Anonymous said...

This was a great race preview I am amazed at how you got this all done.... Wait no I'm not ... it is just like you to get it done so well. It is me who just read this post, after the race. Sometimes I have trouble keeping up with you. But know that I am proud, you have done wonderful!
Love, Mom

Mike said...

Great work on the race, can't wait for the report!

The picks of the pro Kestrels were cool. My first reaction to Andy Potts bike was "oooh, Di2..." :)

Ryan Oilar said...

You are such a rock star! and aren't you supposed to pee on jelly fish stings??? :)