Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ironman Cozumel - Just getting started!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying the holiday with some great food and great family!
The view doesn't suck.
Although I'm bummed that my immediate family couldn't make the trip out to Mexico with us for race week, I'm very lucky to be here with my husband and his parents - our short time here so far has been fantastic!
Yesterday morning started off with a GREAT breakfast and tales from Ironman last year - our waitor Manuel told us that the RUN is BIG party on the streets for the locals - "even though we don't know you, we still yell VERY LOUDLY for you!" He also told us that the participant that the crowd cheered the LOUDEST for was a man with a prosthetic leg - he said many people had never seen that before, and were awed by the fact they he completed the race!  In the photo below, we were laughing because he told us the final finisher, who completed the race in 16:57:xx, had 5 or so children DRAGGING him along the course so he could finish!

We also made some massage appointments and planned some excursions so we don't miss a thing while we are here.  We are going to swim with the dolphins today, can't wait to tell you about that!

After that we headed back to our room to put our bikes back together... oh boy.  Our bike case had definitely been rummaged through...but not very gently.  2 locks had been broken off and one side of the case had a long crack in it...and they covered it up with electrical tape  *sigh*.  Thankfully, nothing was broken or missing inside.

Next was H20 time- Gale and Lew went to the resort's water aerobics class, while Dan and I checked out the little snorkeling cove by our resort.  I tested out my new Garmin watch and got a 20-minute swim in, while Dan took some pictures :)

I'm out there

The water is SO CLEAR!!  I definitely want to invest in an underwater camera or case - any suggestions??

I need your HELP- while my eyes adjust to the little bit of saltwater in my goggles after a few minutes, the inside of my nose gets REALLY irritated and doesn't get any suggestions/advice?

Pool time!!  No pictures, but I did participate in a salsa-dancing class on deck  :)
Dan and his Dad- Lew!

First mojito of many I'm sure

servers were handing out banana ice cream in a chocolate shell- yummm

At sunset, Dan and I went for a run on the course- it's really going to be fun run on the main street with all the shops, bars, and people!  My hamstring was a little sore after the run, my foot was a wee bit sore during the run, and my calves were tight throughout- darn.  Race day will be interesting, since the most I've run since August are two 4-mile runs.

After a FANTASTIC sushi dinner, we headed out to the Mexican Fiesta where they had a margarita bar and an auction for various prizes... it was so funny, whoever "won" the auction with fake money had to go up with the resort staff and dance with them- Kick and BACK, Kick and BACK, GO...AROUND, now, get LOW!!

Dan- Jalapeno, Gale- Coconut, Me-Melon
HIt the pillow hard at bedtime, but I was up at 5:30 this morning ready to start another day in this beautiful tropical place :)  


Michelle said...

You gotta want's the name of your blog and it is also how you will get through the run this weekend! Go get 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dan, Gale and Lew! You keep enjoying and keep sharing in the posts here.
Be happy and remember to enjoy this race!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

looks so beautiful there. You are tough and are going to race strong!! Look forward to following you

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous!!
Love, Ama

Cara said...

AH, jealous! I love your pictures! Good luck at the race -- I'm sure you'll do amazing despite your run difficulties. I'll be thinking about you guys! Meanwhile, enjoy your stay while we're freezing our buns off back here. :)

Oh, and I wish I had some advice for you on the saltwater, but I haven't done much ocean swimming. Nose plugs?

AJ said...

I was just showing my husband your blog. He said what a great time to go to Cozumel...especially since the high here today was 12. :) No advice on the salt water, but here's a thought...maybe try coating your nostrils with a thin layer of vaseline? That may protect them? Keep having fun! I may have to think about spending next Thanksgiving in a sunny warm awesome place...maybe even racing!

Juan Carlos Del Real said...

Hey!!! I am from cozumel, it is really important for the way you enjoy the island, hope you have more days like those and good luck in the race, my family and i will be yelling your name.