Saturday, November 13, 2010

REV3 Cedar Point

Oh my gosh, so long overdue.  But I think it's worth it to get my thoughts out there, especially as you may be planning your 2011 season.  In light of the IM Access program, some people have been seeking alternative races...Check out REV3!  I have now done three REV3 Events, and it keeps getting better.  I've done Quassy (Middlebury, CT) with the insane hills (loved it!), Knoxville (beautiful course, rolling hills), and now Cedar Point!  Next year they've added COSTA RICA and South Carolina, and there may be more to come! Stay tuned!

REV3 Cedar Point Full Aquabike! 

  • CLOSE parking in Amusement parking lot
  • Awesome "hooks" for your transition bags
  • NO long lines for bike support or port-a-potties
  • Felt calm and ready!

  • Swim was relatively CALM and the temperature was perfect...really happy about that because the waves the day before were BRUTAL
  • First loop went OK @ 44 minutes...slow, but what I expected since my swim training was pretty nonexistent!  Water felt great!
  • 2nd loop was a little rough...2.4 miles is a long way to go when you don't swim much.  I also had some trouble siting the buoys, and the water got a little choppier.
  •  Swim Time: 1:35:11 

Embarrassing... I know.  I did a full change into cycling gear.


  • PUMPED to ride
  • The course felt like home - lots of wind, mostly flat with a some little rollers.
  • All I had was a watch and heart rate monitor, since Winston had chewed up my Garmin. No speed.  After the first 10 miles, I wanted to keep my HR above 160. 
  • Road quality getting out of town was so-so, nothing too scary, then the country roads were AMAZING!
  • Not too crowded, but enough people were around for company and some competition
  • Saw Trakkers teammies ROCKIN the full and half courses!
  • Felt strong first 40 miles
  • Miles 45-60 my legs felt good, but my head was NOT.  I was tired and NOT in the game.  I suspected that it had to do with Nutrition - I had eaten breakfast 2 hours before the swim, then not taken in any calories until 1 hour AFTER the swim... even on a NON-exercise day that is long time to go without eating!  My original plan was to get some Liquid Shot right when I got on the bike... but forgot.  I felt fine at mile 20 and 40 ("Shot" times) so I didn't worry about it - definitely caught up to me!
  • During that "low", I alternated between a little bit of liquid shot and my solid food snacks every 15 minutes and by mile 60 I was back in the game.
  • Nutrition was solid, except for forgetting the Liquid shot after the swim.  finished 1/2 bottle of First Endurance EFS Lemon Lime and 1/2 bottle with 2 NUUN tablets every hour, and took a swig from First Endurance Liquid Shot every 45 minutes.  I had Vanilla Liquid Shot (my FAVORITE- so delicious) and the new Berry (it was good, but I prefer Vanilla).  From training I've also learned that I get hungry between miles 50-70, so I also take along a small serving of combos and beef jerky on long rides :)
  • I'm really glad I trained in the wind, as it seemed like most people were crawling during the headwind portions of the course!
  • The last 10 miles back to town were BRUTAL for me- so close, yet so far.  All headwind and not many people around.  I had to dig DEEP for this one!
  • My plan was to get my HR above 170 for this part, since this was the end of my race- no running afterward.  Which I pretty much accomplished.
  • The last 3-5 miles on that road along the coast was very pretty, but the hardest part for me.  Brutal wind, HR above 180, and the road wasn't great.  I was doing everything I could to keep myself together.  Head down and hammering.  But then I hit a little pothole and I felt like my brain got jolted.  I started CRYING.  I've been known to cry during high-intensity workouts and races (5K's, intervals, etc.) and this race was no exception.  I'm so WEIRD!!
  • FINALLY, the road curved and there was the parking lot for the amusement park- YEEESSS!!!
  • Bike Split: 5:48:49   PR for 112 miles!
  • Despite the wind and not having a speedometer, my speed and effort was pretty consistent throughout the ride!
  • Pretty happy with that!
  • The finish for the half and full racers was AMAZING- in the amusement park, big crowds, awesome announcer, and your picture on the JUMBOTRON...SOO Cool!
  • Unfortunately, my "Aquabike" race was sort of anticlimatic... When I rolled into T2, I was happy to be done.  The awesome volunteers were with me right away, which was great, but they didn't realize I was just doing the Aquabike- I wasn't going to run.  They thought I was quitting!  "Just give it a couple miles!"  "You can do it, you look so strong!"  LoL....awww thanks for the encouragement anyway!
  • Annnndddd that was it.  Great workout!!
Final Thoughts:
  • I am a big fan of the full aquabike.  I wish that there were more around - it would be a GREAT workout leading up to an Ironman!  Nothing like a 112 mile TT to get you stronger on the bike.
  • Lots of intense and focused physical efforts, but very little pounding.  Makes for some fast and effective recovery.  I PR'ed at my local weekly 20K Time Trial the week after!!  
  • I LOVED the REV3 race and the atmosphere.  All the big-race benefits (state of the art timing, GREAT swag, great course) with a small-race feel!

Most of my Trakkers teammies have race reports from Cedar Point as well as Knoxville and Quassy - check out their blogs too!


mick o'hannah said...

Next time carry some pancakes in a plastic bag to avoid the energy deficit!
(Nice report!)

Laura Wheatley said...

Mick you are RIGHT! I haven't done that in awhile!! :)

Laura Wheatley said...

It's funny how I go to great extents to Not miss a SINGLE meal during "real life", but I do during a race. Really?