Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ROCK you like a HURRICANE!

I'm feeling soooo much better these days!

My NEW Saucony Hurricane shoes arrived several weeks ago...and "coincidentally" my mileage went up bigtime!!
  • I was looking for a cushiony shoe- I had surgery to remove a neuroma a couple years ago- balls of my feet can't take a stiff sole.
  • I was looking for stability - My muscles are not conditioned yet, so while a PRIORITY is to strengthen my "stabilizer" muscles, I need some "help" in the meanwhile! These shoes give me GREAT arch support - they support in the RIGHT place, instead of digging into parts of my feet like other shoes do!
  • I need something durable to last me awhile and to log some serious miles- and it's doing an awesome job!! They feel new every time I put them on!
So I am 95% sure I will be signing up for my 1st ultramarathon this year - the Kennekuk Runners are putting on their annual Howl at the Moon 8-hr ultra on August 14th. The description is as follows:

"The largest timed ultra in the United States, The Howl at the Moon is held at Kennekuk Cove County Park on a 3.29 mile loop with excellent support from Kennekuk's outstanding volunteers. Do as little or as much as you can. A perfect event for your first Ultra. Post-race party with food, drink, prizes & music!"

This race came highly recommended from a few veterans, so I'm in! :) Also looking for a LATE fall marathon...preferably in a state I haven't run one in yet! Any suggestions?? SO FAR I have:
  • Illinois (Chicago x2)
  • Florida (Disney, IM Florida)
  • Wisconsin (IMOO)
  • Massachusetts (Boston x2)
  • New York (IM USA)
  • Kentucky (IM Louisville)
  • Idaho (IM CDA)
  • Arizona (IM AZ)
  • Ohio (Flying Pig)
  • CANADA (haha jk - IM CAN)
In case you are curious- I have posted my race schedule on here- check out the side bar!! I cannot WAIT for River 2 River Relay next weekend, it is going to be a BLAST, because my team is SO fun!! :)

and the MAJOR events on my schedule -REV3 x 3 !!! I am PSYCHED! These races are CHANGING the tri experience - I will talk more about these soon, but here's a reason to check this new series out-
  1. The venues are AWESOME - in conjunction with amusement/fun parks - i.e. World's Fair Park (downtown Knoxville TN), Quassy Amusement Park (Middlebury CT), and CEDAR POINT (OH)
  2. FAMILY FUN - one of the problems with tri is the travel, and nothing for your fam to do right? WRONG! At REV3 KNOXVILLE the race weekend itinerary includes (besides JUST the awesome family venue) free venue tickets for you and the fam, "Little Rev" Adventure Races, Concerts, Movie Nights, etc...
  3. Rockstar Athlete Treatment - SCHWAG galore - short&long sleeve tshirts tshirts, visors/hats, sling bags, goodie samples, ETC... as well as ART treatment before/after the race, practice swims, course briefings, training talks, etc...
  4. EASY&FUN viewing for family and friends - a JUMBOTRON is provided for viewing during the race, and the athletes can use a TRAKKERS device for free...meaning spectators can watch you RACE REAL TIME from their computers/smart they know WHERE you are on the COURSE, how FAST you are going, and SO much more...
  5. Cash for age groupers???!!!
  6. Oh yeah, and a $10 discount off of your entry fee for any race...use code Trakkers117
LAST BUT NOT LEAST... you should DEFINITELY be checking out the live webcasts that REV3 hosts every Wednesday at 7PM CST....Simply Stu and pro triathlete Heather Gollnick interview pro triathletes each week who are participating in the REV3 triathlons! Topics range from nutrition to gear to race tactics to bra!! It's a GREAT opportunity to not only listen in, but CALL IN and ask questions, and participate in the chat room with other triathletes as well- it's a lot of fun!

Previous Guest Hosts include: Julie Dibens (only female to beat Chrissie W. last year), Rinnie Carfrae (WON Quassy last year), Matty Reed (Olympian!) Craig Alexander (explanation needed??), and Joanna Zieger!! On the sidebar of my blog, you can click the "itunes" button to download the podcasts (mp3) for free (great trainer/treadmill material) :)

I'm pretty sure you can access the live talks (Wed @ 7pm) on the sidebar...or go to and create a user account or log in w/ your facebook...then search for "rev3tri" and join in! :)

Have a great night!


AJ said...

Laura - Check out the St. George Marathon. It's the first Saturday in October. It is a lottery but I think registration goes through April. You find out in May if you got in. I'm all set for the Top of Utah marathon in September.

See You at the Finish Line said...

How about Grand Rapids, Michigan? I really enjoyed it - very scenic, not too crowded, and it is late fall.