Friday, April 30, 2010

don't miss out!

What a fitting end to the week!
  1. It's Friday, and I have NOTHING scheduled for this weekend (except sitting on my bike)
  2. Last day of the month - payday!
  3. Last day of classes for the school semester!
I have so many things to look forward to, like spending more time with my hubby, de-stressing after a crazy-awesome first year of teaching, and TRAINING!! :)

Next WEEK is REV3KNOXVILLE! I can't believe it's already here! I hate to say it, but I'm definitely going to be in "survival" mode vs. "competitive" mode May 9th for the 1/2 Iron...but getting my butt kicked will be GREAT motivation for REV3 Quassy and REV3 Cedar Point! And I get to meet a bunch of NEW Trakkers teammates :)

For my riding this weekend, I'm definitely going to download the REV3 webcasts that have been occurring every Wednesday night talking to pro's and the race directors about the course and how to prepare for it (just click on the logo on my blog - you can listen to it directly or click the itunes logo to download it for free).

Dan is doing the Olympic distance, I'm doing the half...join us! There a a few others doing the race from the B-Town area, you should is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER!! Don't miss out on this inaugural race and the kick-start to the season! They are offering:
  • Olympic Distance or Half-Iron distance
  • Olympic or Half-Iron RELAY
  • Olympic or Half-Iron AQUABIKE!
Click HERE to register - remember it's the last day TODAY! AND, you can save $10 when you use the code Trakkers117 !

On the wednesday webcast, I found out that REV3 is also going to announce at Knoxville a NEW race they are adding to the series during 2011...February 19-20th...Half, Oly, Relay, Kid's races...somewhere WARM! Exciting!

Why should you sign up today to race Knoxville? Here are some questions I would ask (answers found on website!)

What kind of schwag do I get? (duh, most important)
hat Does The Race Fee Include?

In addition to being able to compete in one of the most dynamic races in the world, your entry fee also includes the following:

Race Shirt $10.00 to our race charity Race visor/hat Long sleeve finisher shirt Official REV3 sling bag Finisher Medal REV3 water bottle Finisher towel


What's the course like?

You can find the description HERE:

Bike: a dynamic bike ride which begins adjacent to Neyland Stadium. Athletes will make their way through downtown Knoxville, over the Gay Street Bridge and out onto the rural country roads of South Knoxville. Enjoy challenging ascents, rapid descents and picturesque scenery before making your way back in to town...(sweet! I love scenery! I'll be enjoying LOTS of it considering how slow I'll be going haha!)

What am I going to do with my family who I drag to all my races?

There are lots of activities planned, besides just being in the cool World's Fair Park! Here is a link to the itinerary, but I'll highlight some of the events:

  • Meet Tara Costa (Biggest Loser star who is doing the REV3 series)
  • Athlete Seminars - medical issues, bike fittings, bike clinics, course talks, swim clinic, etc.
  • Race Expo
  • Broadway Academy for Performing Arts (on REV3 stage) and a Worship Concert
  • ART, massage
  • LITTLE REV!!! An adventure race/scavenger hunt for the parents and kids!! And the little ones get a t-shirt, medal, and prizes!

What if I'm FAST...? (definitely NOT a question I would ask haha!)
There is a cash prize purse not only for the Pro's, but the elite amateurs as well! Check out the breakdown HERE

The team competitions are going to rock too! Trakkers vs. KSwiss/Trek is going to be intense, now Trakkers AG vs. Terrier Tri vs. Team Dynamo is going to be interesting as well! The Pro Team Prize is $5000, while the AG prize is $500 from Saucony! Be sure to tune during the race if you can't be there!

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