Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vamonos Rapido!

I did it again - River to River Relay! This time I was on a team with my hub, Aimee, Margaret,Mark, Mark, Gary, and Ryan :) Vamonos Rapido! (Doesn't Dan look HOT in that Trakkers visor??)

This race is TOUGH! Check it out! 80 miles, 8 runners, 3 legs each. I was runner #8 - here's the breakdown:

Runner 13.60 (Downhill)3.30 (Hard)3.30 (Moderate)10.20 miles
Runner 23.60 (Easy)2.85 (Moderate)3.75 (Mod-Hard)10.20 miles
Runner 32.95 (Mod-Easy)3.25 (Moderate)2.60 (Moderate)8.80 miles
Runner 43.65 (Moderate)3.80 (Mod-Hard)3.25 (Moderate)10.70 miles
Runner 53.35 (Hard)3.40 (Moderate)3.45 (Moderate)10.20 miles
Runner 63.30 (V. Hard)2.50 (Easy)3.80 (Hardest)9.60 miles
Runner 73.00 (Hard)2.95 (Mod-Easy)3.35 (Downhill)9.30 miles
Runner 83.65 (Hard)4.05 (Mod-Downhill)3.30 (Hard)11.00 miles

My 1st leg: I averaged 8:20 min/mi (uuugh)

I was SO NERVOUS starting off - I didn't have a HRM since I couldn't find my garmin charger (if anyone has an extra garmin305 charger laying around PLEASE let me know!) but I know it was POUNDING!!! Once I finally settled down, the HILLS acted up... ooooh they HURT!! My quads were quite jello-y when I finished- with 2 more legs to go, NOT the best feeling!! However, I had a secret weapon: First Endurance Cappuccino Ultragen!
Seriously this stuff is incredible! For a coffee/cappuccino lover like myself, this is the BEST tasting nutrition drink EVER - I could seriously drink it for a dessert! It is primarily for recovery - Check out their website for details, but by my calculations, I burned about 350-400 calories each leg, 90-99% from carbohydrates since I was at such a high intensity. One serving of ultragen replenished 240 of those carbohydrate calories (I also had a couple solid snacks like bananas and granola bars in between legs to make up the difference) as well as 80 calories of protein - REALLY important for rebuilding the muscle I was surely breaking down on the hills!! I filled up my water bottle as soon as I was done with each of my legs with water and ultragen, CHUGGED it (I was sad when it was all gone), then waited 2-3 hours until my next leg. Protein doesn't digest very quickly (high GI carbs start digesting IN YOUR MOUTH, whereas protein doesn't start until it reaches your stomach) so the waiting period was perfect for digestion and absorption! FINALLY, keep in mind that for recovery, a 3:1 Carb:Protein calorie ratio is ideal, and that is exactly was First Endurance Ultragen has!!

My 2nd leg: Averaged 7:45 min/mi

FIRST ENDURANCE!!! I was a little more relaxed going into this leg, and took it stead up the first 1-mile hill, then let it rip on the downhill. It was so steep it was hard to keep my legs under me! When I got to the bottom of the hill, I realized just HOW much I was working my quads on the downhill...yikes. And the last half-mile climb was of course, quite pleasant haha! Here's a video of me finishing:

Now my team was FAST (I was the slowest one!), but they were also FUN!! When they weren't mooching off my Ultragen, They had their "true" recovery drink in mind:

I love my hubby!! They had to get it before the "3rd round" of running those who finish can start DRINKING sooner! :)

FINAL LEG: Averaged 7:48 min/mi

YEEEAH!! For me this was SMOKIN on the hills! :) I finished feeling REALLY strong! What a great race! (I understand that you crazy Colorado peeps are laughing at these elevation charts, but around my parts it's only flat cornfields)

One unique experience that we witnessed at this race was a marriage proposal! The guy had it all set up - tuxedo shirts, "Bridesmaids", signs, on one knee with a ring...and the fiancee-to-be blew right by him and didn't notice anything - she was in a sprint-off!! Haha!! She even swatted his hand (with the ring) to hand off the baton! Check out the video we captured-

Final notes:
  1. I definitely couldn't have done this race, INJURY FREE, without my Saucony Hurricane's. They work behind-the-scenes to get the job done - I am able to focus on the WORK I have to do, not the painful joints, feet, or blisters! I'm hooked! They also have some GREAT apparel - I've been receiving boxloads of their stuff (decked out TRAKKERS style) and I can't wait to show you pics! So comfy and bad-ass looking! :)
  2. After that race you think I would be toast, right? WRONG. The next day, I did a 2-hr bike ride with Margaret, no problem. Thank you First Endurance.
  3. Oh yeah, and on Tuesday, I did my 3rd time trial this year. Figured it would be hilarious to see how BAD I would do. I PR'ed on the course. Thank you First Endurance.
  4. River to River was great HILL training for a few of my upcoming races, REV3 Knoxville and REV3 Quassy!! On the REV3 wednesday webcast last night, it was confirmed that these courses were going to be KILLER, so I'm definitely on my way to being prepared and ready to kick some booty!
REV3 Knoxville is right around the corner!! In addition to the Pro Challenge between Team TRAKKERS ELITE and Team KSWISS/TREK, there is also an AGE GROUP challenge for a $500 Saucony gift certificate between TEAM TRAKKERS, TERRIER TRI, and TEAM DYNAMO.

This race season is heating up! Getting excited! If you know athletes from Team Trakkers, Terrier Tri, or Dynamo that are competing in the Olympic race @ Knoxville, please post here so I can look up their stats! I know for SURE Team Trakkers has Kona Age-Group Champ Kathleen Calkins ready to kick some but, Megan Killian, and ???..... who else??

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