Thursday, September 16, 2010

I cried at the gym today

...only a little. I was so frustrated.

My foot has been feeling a little better- still sore, but not painful during daily living activities. I even wore cute shoes to work today! flats, no heels yet.

I thought maybe it was time to try to jog again...I was wrong :(

After 20min on the elliptical (I HATE the elliptical, it's so "gym-rat"-ish), I had a goal for a 30min walk/jog workout on the indoor track- 1min jog, 2min walk.

3 cycles in I felt the familiar pull on the arch and sharp pain in my heel. I teared up, hobbled along, and cut the workout at 20min. Fml

So I headed to the pool for 20min of aqua-jogging. Maybe the 2nd time I've tried this in my life. In one pool, a swim team was practicing, in the other, swim lessons were occupying every lane except 2, where little kids were jumping off the diving board, old ladies were floating on noodles... Uggghhh.

So I put on the belt and went back and forth back and forth on the deep end. It didn't feel like a great workout- I couldn't get my heart rate up, I felt like I was just flailing around (a trend in the water for me...)

Was there REALLY a time when I qualified for the Boston Marathon? Ran a 1:39 half marathon? Consistently ran 30-40 miles a week? Felt light, quick, and pain-free? Sweated out some FAST tempo runs while jamming out to my tunes?

Was that me??? Seems like a distant memory...

one day Winston...

More Rev3CP coming soon!


Michelle Simmons said...

:( Sorry. Injuries suck.

Mike said...

Ugh, that's awful! PF is really awful! Hang in there, and keep riding!

Heather said...

oh sweetie! it WILL come back. I promise. Give your self some time and you will have that spring in your step. as long as you take it easy now (totally freaking hard, i know), you will be stronger than ever when you can RUN! it will feel great. good blog post. bet it feels better to get it out there, right? ;-)

Laura Wheatley said...

Thanks for the comments! @Michelle...uuuggh you are right. @ Mike - I will def keep riding~ When I'm on my Kestrel I feel like an ATHLETE and I can accomplish something!
@Heather- you nailed it. It does feel really good to get it out and talk about it! I try not to complain/whine too much on here, but welcome to my world... :)