Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tour De TAP!

So Monday was the THIRD ANNUAL Tour de Tap...

Ladies in the front: Emily, Laura(me), Carolyn
Boys in the Back: Mick, Joe, Julian, Geno, Bruce
This is a favorite time-honored tradition among Bloomington-Normal cyclists! The ride starts in town, and from there we ride from one po-dunk small-town bar to the next! I have NO idea why, but it gets harder and harder to stay upright after each stop! :)
awesome sign...
ESPECIALLY with the 25-30mph winds this year!! Luckily, I had NO problem staying upright and aero in the crosswinds on my new Kestrel - stable as can be!
There she is!!
I was kicking some serious booty and working hard to keep superstar Emily in my sight (she JUST won the Great Illini Half-Iron 2 days before!). It ended up feeling like a 6-10 mile time trial between each "stop". Great ride, ended up with about 50mi by the end of the day!

1st stop: Cooksville!
2nd stop: Merna Tap!
check out Geno's annual Miles of Smiles 100 ride next year!
Irish beer...Mick's happy place
before the greasy bar food...
3rd Stop: Towanda
Yes, we are on Route 66...Get your KICKS!
Company was GREAT on the ride, but we sure missed the crowd from last year...SO many people are racing this weekend at Ironman Wisconsin and REV3 Cedar Point and just aren't as hardcore as us :P !

I'm SO looking forward to my AQUABIKE race at REV3 and the riding the rollercoasters with my Trakkers Teammates!

Hope you are outside enjoying beautiful weather being active with great friends! Until next time!

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