Wednesday, September 29, 2010

REV3 Cedar Point! DISCO PARTY!

Friday had been a long day, so I was looking forward to Saturday being a day to get my race plan/stuff together and relax!
mmmmmm thank YOU awesome volunteer!
Saturday morning, after sleeping in a little and getting some breakfast, I headed off the the swim start to get a feel for the CHOPPY-LOOKING WATER that I would be tackling on Sunday.  I was up for the challenge though.  My team (TRAKKERS) was also at the start letting participants try out TRI-SLIDE, a great product by one of our sponsors, SBR Sports!  It's an aerosol lubricant that helps you get in and out of your wetsuit in a cinch, and it also helps prevent chafing (i.e. wetsuit hickies!)

On to getting my gear bags and bike ready... I was SO EXCITED to finally see my new KESTREL 4000 race-ready!!  I took a test ride to see how she would hold up in the crosswinds... I initially had put a HED3 Tri-Spoke on the front.  NOPE!  The disc felt fine, but my ride was very "twitchy" with the Tri-Spoke.  Putting the Mavec wheel back on solved the problem! 
I LOVE the bucket racks!!
I also tested out the NEW Trakkers device - you can see how small it is here, but you can't see how lightweight it is!  During the bike portion of the Aqua-bike, I kept it in a jersey pocket and forgot it was there!

My bike was racked next to my teamie Megan Killian!!
 Aaaaaahhh isn't she pretty!!
After dinner with some friends on the Evo-Tri team, we headed back to Hotel Breakers....  So Chris and I were walking down the hallway to go to our respective rooms, and we passed this "activity room", which had been empty Friday and Saturday.  NOT NOW!  There were lights flashing, disco music playing, and LINUS from Peanuts was doin' his thang out in the middle of dance floor... by himself!  there were 2 hotel employees off to the side...texting/playing on their phones, not paying attention to him!
Look what we saw after dinner!!
We decided that we must join this party!  Chris w told one of his roomies JP about the festivities (Kati was about zonked out - she had to get up EARLY to get the timing rolling for the race!!) and the fun BEGAN!

I figured the employees could get paid for SOMETHING, so I asked them to take pictures with my camera!

We were glad to see that a little family joined the party!

The Mom was a FREAK!  She was pumpin' it out and working it like CRAZY! (As was Linus!)
See the Momma doing the "Charlie Brown"??
After about 20 minutes of Cha-Cha slide, Brickhouse and some other fabulous songs, we called it a night!  Way to taper!! :)  Hope this dance is on NEXT YEAR!!


JP Severin said...

HA! LOVE IT. good to meet you!


Michelle Simmons said...

OK you are so cute!! ;)

Scott Richardson said...

Love your new bike. I can swear from competing with it at Tues. Time Trials it has a BIG engine. :)

Kelly said...

So funny!! Nothing like a little pre-race dance party to get you going!

Ryan Oilar said...

The dance party rocks, but a time machine!!!!??? That's the raddest!

Sweet said...

Wow that was actually just a really good trip all around! Fun stuff!

Kiersten said...

Bummed that we missed the dance party!!!

Joel said...

Nothin like throwin down with Linus!

Laura Wheatley said...

Thanks for all the comments!! You guys and gals are the best!! :)