Tuesday, September 14, 2010

REV3 Cedar Point! pt. 1

Great venue, great event!

What a FUN race weekend!  I was so excited to head over to Sandusky, Ohio to compete in my first ever SWIM, then BIKE...then you are DONE!  This was a PERFECT way for me to get my "race on", despite not being able to run due to plantar fascitis.  I competed in the "Full" Aquabike.  I swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, then headed to the post-race party :)
part of swim-bike transition...not too shabby

Fortunately, my friend Chris Sweet's team EvoTri was hosting their team race at REV3 (he was competing in the HalfRev) so we made the 6 hr. drive on Friday from Bloomington together.  The ride went pretty smooth - no significant traffic, no significant scenery...flat roads and cornfields.  He has about 7500 songs on his ipod, so we certainly had the tunes for a roadtrip!

We headed straight to the race site to pick up our packets- no lines, very easy!  There was PLENTY of nearby parking (i.e. right next to the expo and transition area) in the Cedar Point amusement park lot.  Got our packets, talked to Chris's teammate Stu, who was doing some announcing and live coverage for the REV3 series, then headed over to my Team Trakkers booth to listen to Robert Kunz answer our questions about First Endurance nutrition.  Robert REALLY knows his stuff about sports nutrition and can explain the DETAILS of the metabolism and physiology behind FE products.  Not like I needed any convincing, but he DID explain how First Endurance:

  • EFS and Liquid Shot products use a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates to allow for optimal absorption during exercise
  • EFS and Liquid shot contain a blend of electrolytes lost in sweat, not JUST sodium.  They also contain potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium...these minerals are ALL important during the neuromuscular process of muscle contraction: one serving of EFS contains a 1000+mg blend of these electrolytes!
  • Pre-Race contains specific ingredients (Nitric Oxide) that improves cardiac output (pumps more blood to the muscles per heartbeat).  It also dilates blood vessels to allow more oxygen-rich to get to the muscles!  It also contains a blend of stimulants that will keep athletes physically and mentally focused and ready to race!
  • Optygen HP reduces the build-up of cortisol, a hormone that your body releases in response to stress (in this case, exercise).  The greater stress (i.e. volume, intensity), the more cortisol is release.  It prepares the body for "fight or flight" response (increases glucose in the bloodstream, stores fat, reduces inflammation), which is great during exercise, but during hard training blocks, a build-up of cortisol is NOT good, since it KILLS your body's ability to recover.  Your immune system is weakened (how many of you get colds or coughs after races or hard workouts??), and if you don't replenish your glycogen stores properly, cortisol will also start pulling amino acids from your muscles to use as fuel.  With Optygen HP, you will be able to recover MUCH faster after hard workouts during that tough training block!
He also gave us samples of the NEW Berry flavor for the Liquid Shot.  I'll tell you what I thought of it later!  For more information and details about their products, visit the FE website!  It is so detailed and interactive!
Checking out the swim start!
pretty beach!

Friday evening I went to dinner at the Thirsty Pony with Chris, Stu, and fellow Tri-Shark Ross Monks, who was participating in the FULLREV!  
mmmmm had some sort of grilled veggie and chicken melt!

Then I was able to catch up with my Trakkers teammate Kati D., who kind enough to let me share a room with her!  She was working the REV3 Timing- she is GOOD at what she does! :)

The BEST part of Friday night?  EXCLUSIVE ACCESS for REV3 participants to the PARK!!  No lines!  Our dinner ran a little late, so we didn't end up getting to the park until 8:30... in 30 minutes, we rode 3 rides!!
you can't see the straightaway, but you get shot out at 120mph..then up and over!!

coming soon....Part 2 Saturday pre-race (DANCE PARTY) and Part 3 (RACE DAY!)

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