Monday, September 8, 2008

ironman wisconsin

So Dan and I were up at Ironman Wisconsin this weekend and had a blast!

During my internship this summer, I worked with Tom Ziebart, one awesome guy and he is kiiiind of a big deal in the Ironman community =) I keep in contact with him, and he totally hooked Dan and I up this weekend! We volunteered to help him at the Gatorade swim on Friday and Saturday morning, and he got us all-access passes for the weekend- we got into the VIP section at the athlete dinner (free buffet and drinks) and the party at the Great Dane afterward (again, free booze and desserts) and on race day, we got into the VIP sections - at the swim start we went to a roped-off section on top of the terrace with a a great view and breakfast...then for lunch we were in Verona for another delicious meal of food....then at the finish there was dinner and booze as well! The finish tent was awesome- it was a platform RIGHT next to the finish arch and announcers! sweet!

On race day, we also had a fun job to do- we were "spotters" for the pros, which meant we got a "race support" sticker to put on the car (and park WHEREVER we want!)...and we went to the 30/70 mile marker in mt. horeb and radioed in to Ironmanlive when we saw the first male and female pros and the minutes behind the 2-10th place racers were. For the run, we went to Camp Randall stadium and we radioed in their positions at 3,11,16,24 mi. markers. fun fun!

What a great day for the race too! All our racers looked awesome, I am so proud of everyone!

It was so motivating to see my friends do so well- they work so hard and deserve their amazing times!

Driving back home was AWFUL though...Dan and I switched off, and we still needed to nap at a gas stations 40 minutes from bloomington for 45 minutes....ironman makes for a looooooong day.

So I got in a couple decent workouts- Friday I ran 2:30 (loop of the run course plus some)- felt awesome, running fast and couldn't get my HR the end though, my tendons and ligaments were mad at me for not working out enough though!! Saturday, Dan and I rode the 40 mi Verona loop...that was fun. I love a rolling course- hills are fun and I feel strong, but I am an awful technical rider- I hate downhills, turns, switchbacks, etc...cycling elements a lot of people consider "fun"....

Took today off b/c I'm exhausted and I really need to caught up with schoolwork. Let's see if this weekend will spark a JUSTDOIT mentality...

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