Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are the minority...

Ay yay yay....

Ms Lazy is back again...

I really enjoy casual, easy mornings. I like waking up, making coffee, checking emails, grading, writing (schoolwork), fixing breakfast, lounging with my man, all in the comfort of my bathrobe. Tuesday I woke up and fell into my groove, planning on starting my scheduled loooong run in the afternoon. However, Dan and I thought that there could be a chance that he could get tickets to a Cubs post season game if we sign online and do the mlb waiting room thing...which started at noon. So I ended waiting around for that to happen (he had to teach or had class) so I sat on butt for two hours (grading and starting to study for an exam that night) only to find out that he needed to get a password emailed to him through a lottery for the opportunity to buy tickets! DARN! After that I got hungry again...can't run right after I eat...then I fell into hard-core studying mode for an exam at 6PM. Needless to say, I DID NOT WORK OUT.

Today I had a short run and swim on my plate...Didn't do a workout in the morning, then I taught 2 hours of kickboxing, then went into "data entry/data analysis of RPE at different stages of cycle max testing" mode for hours...Once that was done and emailed, I went for the short run, and I definitely enjoyed it am glad I did something today!

I should probably try to implement a "workout first thing in the morning plan"...once I can adopt this behavior and make it a routine, I could probably actually get in more scheduled workouts...

BACKTRACK...kickboxing...whatta workout!!! If you REALLY throw those punches...your biceps will be sore from jabs...your lats will be sore from hooks...your quads will be sore from front kicks...your abductors will be sore from sidekicks...your butt's gonna hurt from squats/ducks... I forget how good that stuff is!!! Oh and then I had my class try to do ball tucks as part of a core workout...hahaha!! I'll put pics up at some point!

For my personal fitness class, I posted a 6-week training plan leading up to the Jingle Bell run that will have them building up walk/jog intervals to eventually get them fit enough to run for 30 minutes straight! I posted it last night, so I'm looking forward to getting some feedback from the students!

So my test last night was for my Advanced Body Composition class...pretty tough test! Lots of statistics regarding's some general ones you might find interesting:
70% of Americans are SEDENTARY
60% of Americans are Overweight or Obese

Here's a sad one:
There is a 2% success rate for obese individuals who attempt a diet or exercise program that will bring them down to a healthy weight; they are not willing to make the proper behavioral changes. Research is suggesting that more focus should be put on children, since statistics show that they are more likely to make appropriate behavior changes.

The essay questions were fun to answer:
1- What factors contribute to the rise in obesity, and what can we do to prevent this trend?
...I went into different factors in the school, community, and workplace that can be changed

2-Discrimination of obese individuals is becoming more predominant, since the majority of the population is ow/ob. Explain why this could be counter-productive, give some examples, and alternate solutions.
...I talked about airlines charging obese individuals for 2 tickets, health insurance companies charging a higher premium, and the portrayal of obese people in the media. I gave the "rationale" for the discrimination and some more "rewarding" alternatives, instead of the "punishment" that they are describing. Rewards tend to be better motivation for most individuals...with the exception of some athletes!! =)

Longer bike ride tomorrow...we'll see how it goes! Back to grading! =)

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