Monday, September 22, 2008

busy bee

Training is going alright, I'm feeling pretty good. Last week I did skip/alter a bunch of workouts, but I also got some important ones in, such as a brick workout (intervals on bike trainer - tempo run), actually getting to the pool 2-3 times, a couple decent rides and runs, and an amazing long ride on Saturday with my favorite training girls! I'm feeling a lot stronger on hills and tempo workouts, so that's good! Swim needs loooots of work though!

My major training related goal this week is just to show up/attempt each scheduled workout! So far I completed my short run today, yay! I still gotta get to the pool this evening.

Besides training, here's some other projects I'm working on...
  • I'm teaching an online personal fitness class, and I want to post 2 different walking/jogging programs for the students to follow- 1 program will help beginners build up to jogging 30 minutes, while the other program will have intermediate/advanced versions of 10K training. I also want to video a do-it-at-home strength workout and post that.
  • Studying for my advanced body composition test tomorrow!
  • Finishing the introduction for the first chapter of my thesis- I have the methods, results, and stats pretty much done, and I have the rough draft complete for the intro, but I need to clean it up and cite everything
  • Enter and run stats on the rating of perceived exertions for all the subjects (my instructor and I speculate that the athletes understimated their exertion at the beginning of the test, but were pretty right on for threshold and max efforts)
  • Get all my aerobics stuff graded (and this week I'm teaching!)
  • Finalize travel plans for Ironman Arizona (and the conference that I'm presenting at immediately prior!)
  • Hopefully get the lactate analyzer when the replacement parts come in so I can help start up a fee-for-service program for endurance athletes that would like to get VO2/lactate/body comp tests done!
=) busy busy but I love it.

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