Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's try this again...

hey everyone! So blog attempt #2 is on.

So Boston (april) didn't go so hot...4:06...beautiful day, legs cramped and spasmed big time!!! I was keeping a consistent 8:45 min/mi but wheeeeew the last hour and half was rough!!!!

I had been mostly doing basework...HR of 155 or less...nice long stuff. This helped me out for Ironman in June....

I was extremely nervous about Ironman Coeur d'Alene...I didn't feel like I got the training in. My run was alright, but I hadn't been doing the long bikes I aim for in training, and hadn't done much with swimming...SOMEHOW, everything was RIGHT ON during the race, and I ended up with a BIG PR of a 12:37! Swim as usual...1:33 Bike: close to a PR 6:40! whopping 4:08!! hoooooly cow!! I kept my HR between 146-150 the whole mile pace was 9:30 the WHOLE TIME....amazing. and my zebra arm warmers rocked.

So....with as "little" training as I did for CDA...wonder how I can do at Arizona in November with some awesome and consistent training??

I've got a very tough plan...and I'm NOT doing so well sticking to it. I really suck at being consistent with training! I was supposed to do a brick today....didn't happen. felt hot, lazy, and tired. I have such a flexible schedule where I can do all my school, thesis, and teaching stuff whenever I want...but I convinced myself that it HAD to be done...during the time I should have been training!

Well, time for class...let's see if I can get convince myself to do a teeny workout today...JUST 1600 yards in the pool after class...come on LV!!!!

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